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Multiverse Gaming: Neuheiten

Multiverse Gaming haben neues Gelände in ihrem Shop.

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This kit allows you to build a massive mainframe supercomputer in a retro sci-fi style – it can be used either as a standalone piece or as part of a larger Vault Builder setup as the base fits perfectly with the floor pieces from the rest of the range.

Vault Builder, part of The Wasted Land series, is a fantastic new range of modular scenery based on the OneUp system. Each kit comes with a variety of modules that can be quickly rearranged for each game: extend the walls, change their direction, place the doorways wherever you see fit. And after the game? Take it all apart for storage, a set of walls enough for a full 90×90 table will easily fit into a single shoebox! Hidden connections assure that your vault walls will remain steady during the game, while the included decorative modules allow you to personalize your terrain with some additional bits.

All the OneUp modules are compatible with other OneUp ranges (e.g. Forges of Prometheus).

Models come unassembled and unpainted. Any miniatures shown for scale purposes only.

Assembly instructions available in the „Downloads“ tab.

L: 200mm W: 100mm H: 63mm (60mm w/o base)

Preis: 9,95 EUR

Multiverse Gaming Neuheiten 08 Multiverse Gaming Neuheiten 10 Multiverse Gaming Neuheiten 09

The kit contains ten (10) fuel drums that will work great as small cover and scatter terrain for 28-35mm miniatures.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Any miniatures shown for scale purposes only. Assembly instructions available in the ‚Download‘ tab.

W: 14mm, H: 22mm

Preis: 4,95 EUR


Quelle: Multiverse Gaming


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