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Monolith: GCPD, Gotham Police und James Gordon

Monolith zweigen auf Facebook weiter fleißig Render für das kommende Batman Brettspiel, hier das Gotham Police Department.

Monilith Games Batman Board Game Gotham Police Tactical Group 1 Monilith Games Batman Board Game Gotham Police Tactical Group 1  Monilith Games Batman Board Game Gotham Police Tactical Group 4 Monilith Games Batman Board Game Gotham Police Tactical Group 5

Monilith Games Batman Board Game Gotham Police Tactical Group 3

„GCPD, Gotham Police

A city the size of Gotham must have police officers up to the demanding task of maintaining order. And it is clear that this has not always been the case. Under the leadership of Commissioner Gillian Loeb, for example, corruption was the rule, and dirty cops like Inspector Flass had the upper hand. The tireless work of Attorney Harvey Dent and a young Captain Gordon helped clean up the corrupt hierarchy.
But to protect the work of the police from the interference of crooked politicians and mafia families was a long-term job and an everyday struggle. Jim Gordon, who became Commissioner, may have placed trustworthy men and women in key positions and kept a watchful eye on suspicious activities, but he had to start all over again every morning.
And to make matters worse, crime changed its face. Or perhaps it’s more appropriate to say it began wearing a mask. To face this new breed of costumed criminals, the GCPD had to adapt. They started by installing the Bat-signal on the roof of the police station, and then assembled a dedicated Major Crimes unit.


Gotham Police Tactical Group

Serving as Police special forces, the Gotham Police Tactical Group was commanded by Branden, a brash and brazen man with little concern for collateral damage. In fact, more than his service to the public, Branden was in the service of Commissioner Loeb and the tactical group functioned almost like a private militia. As James Gordon put it, they used „SS methods“. Their first attempt to apprehend Batman was very costly for the group, who were unprepared for such an effective resistance.
After the fall of Loeb, the accession of Gordon to the post of Commissioner and the death of Branden, murdered by the „Hangman“ killer, the tactical group was entrusted to William Pettit. Although he was almost as tough as Branden and often in conflict with Gordon, Pettit still had the merit of being halfway honest and professional. Under his leadership, the tactical group standardized its mode of intervention. But it was not necessarily safe from blunders.
The tactical group was trained to react to Gotham’s specific threats and now seeks to show that Batman is not the only one able to face costumed criminals.“

Alex Nikolavitch

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles, the boardgame, hits Kickstarter February 27th!

More info on the BGG page:

Digital sculptor: Edgar Ramos, Arnaud Boudoiron, Aragorn Marks

Quelle: Monolith auf Facebook


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