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Monolith: Batman Preview

Ein neues Preview für das kommende Batman Brettspiel – Frank Millers Dark Knight.

Monolith Batman Dark Knight1 Monolith Batman Dark Knight3 Monolith Batman Dark Knight4 Monolith Batman Dark Knight5Monolith Batman Dark Knight2

The Dark Knight – Preview

„The Dark Knight Returns is a major comic run from the 80s as well as a turning point in the Batman saga. The writer/artist Frank Miller envisions a dystopian future where the US falls into ultraviolence and insecurity. Superheroes are now outlaws except for Superman who follows the government orders. Gotham City is devastated by gangs calling themselves the Mutants, and the US and USSR are on the verge of mutual nuclear annihilation.

As for Batman, he has been retired for decades, since The Joker murdered Robin. He is an aging Bruce Wayne, unable to perform his old acrobatics. Until the day he is mugged in the street and decides that he has had enough of it and that it is time to wear the Batman suit again to bring back order in Gotham, whatever the cost. Even if he has to stand up to the police forces, the hords of Mutants, become an outlaw, fight a Joker ready for anything and even face the god-like Superman sent to stop him.

This Batman is older, it is true, but tougher too. He fights Superman in a powerful armored suit and surveils the streets of Gotham driving a Batmobile that resembles a tank, even if he remains opposed to using firearms. Along the way, the Dark Knight reluctantly recruits Carrie Kelley, a young girl who becomes the new Robin. Bruce also manages to take control of the Mutants, turning them into a new clan, the Sons of Batman.“

Xavier fournier

Digital sculptor: Arnaud Boudoiron

Quelle: Batman bei Facebook

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