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Malifaux: Previews

Es gibt wieder ein paar Previews auf kommende Modelle für Malifaux und The Other Side von Wyrd Games.

This week I’ve been hearing a buzzing in my ear and with this Friday preview I finally know why!  The Yarazi were hiding around the corner the whole time.  Let’s take a look!

Wyrd Games The Other Side Yarazi

Not all of the Gibbering Hordes made their home in the oceans. There are a few species that moved into seaside caverns, though none quite as fully as the Yarazi. The Yarazi are much like puffins, flying high above the coastal waters before diving underwater for short periods to snatch up their prey. The Yarazi tend to use short bursts of speed when hunting rather than prolonged exertions, and they can reach incredible speeds while doing so. They’re also capable of spitting an incredibly sticky mucus at great range, which is most often used to stop fleeing prey in its tracks. Despite their speed, Yarazi are not brave, and they will quickly flee from any real threats.

On the table, Yarazi function like light cavalry. They can quickly dart across the battlefield, flying over other units as they rush toward objectives or weakened enemy units. They’re not very durable, but fortunately, Yarazi have the ability to quickly escape from combat, which makes them annoying guerilla fighters

We continue our previews of the Other Side.  Today I bring you the pride of the King’s Empire, the Royal Rifle Corps!  Take a look.

Wyrd Games The Other Side Royal Rifle Corps

The most elite infantry unit in the King’s forces is the Royal Rifle Corps. The average soldier only has a few paths that lead to joining the Rifle Corps (but the most common is a tour in the Grenadiers). Armed with the best weapons money can buy, these troops drill endlessly to ensure that they are prepared for anything the enemy might throw at them. The CLLE Rifle is one of the longest range mass-produced firearms on Earth, and the sound of a squad of Royal Rifles firing on a position can put fear into even the most stalwart defenders. When they are not on the battlefield or drilling, the Corps are often asked to take part in parades and other morale building exercises on behalf of the King.

On the tabletop, the Royal Rifle Corps are a longranged, high accuracy, high damage unit. While a Commander pays for the privilege of their presence, the Corps rarely disappoint. Solid defense, Armor, and Actions ensure that the Royal Rifle Corps are a valuable (if expensive) addition to any Company.

Today we have a special Monday Preview of our upcoming game Bayou Bash.  We are starting by showing off the Pig Rider!

Wyrd Games Bayou Bash Pig Rider

Bayou Bash is an upcoming racing game filled with speed, out of control animals, and good old fashioned fighting. Become a jockey in the most dangerous race this side of the Breach, doing everything you can to wow spectators and fans as you barrel toward the finish line.

With an assortment of wild animals and slightly unhinged Gremlins, Bayou Bash encourages players to cut loose and move as fast as they can, only slowing down to try to send their fellow racers careening off the track.

Speaking of mounts, the Pig is one of the meanest in the swamp. She is an aggressive powerhouse in the race. While some racers excel at speed or stability, the Pig uses her tusks to toss around the competition. Don’t let her pretty bow fool you! The Pig isn’t afraid to take a dip in the mud in order to push her opponents around.

It’s time for another Friday preview, and today we are looking at The Broken.  This Cult Unit is sure to live up to their name leaving your opponent’s units broken and scattered!

Wyrd Games The Other Side The Broken

Almost every member of the Cult of the Burning Man began their twisted worship as one of the Broken. People who had experienced significant trauma in their lives were particularly receptive to the call of the Burning Man, and their first act is often one of intense violence against their loved ones. The Broken tend to gather in large groups, rambling their madness to one another and gathering up whatever impromptu weapons they can find. Over time, chaos and violence thin out their numbers, some progressing deeper into the Cult while others are killed. Fortunately, there is never any shortage of madmen to replenish their ranks.

On the table, the Broken can absorb a lot of damage. Their five-model Fireteams are very durable, and they have the ability to generate their own Reinforcement Tokens. Their various means of discarding cards also assists them in handing out Shaken Tokens to friendly or enemy units via the Cult’s Allegiance card.

We continue to look at the upcoming Bayou Bash game.  This exciting racing game has several riders, including the Waldgeist Rider!  Take a look!

Wyrd Games Bayou Bash Waldgeist Rider

In an event as wild and rowdy as the Bayou Bash, sometimes even the surrounding trees pine to participate. This week, the Waldgeist spruces himself up and enters the race. His jockey has an axe to grind, and luckily for her, the Waldgeist is willing to lend a hand.

On the race track, this little tree with a big heart takes the slow and steady approach. Despite not being as reckless as his competitors, his ability to control how he staggers can often leaf the other racers in the dust.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Bayou Bash, which hits store shelves this year! When the Waldgeist was asked if he’d buy the game, he aptly responded, “I wood.”

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