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Lucid Eye: Weitere Elfen

Lucid Eye präsentieren weitere nordische Elfen Sets.

Lucid Eye Weitere Elfen 01

The Companions 3 out now.

Companions embody the essence of the various Elf cultures. Although each Circle has their own identity, all of the Elf nations share many traits in common. To the southern mortal tribes the Elves of Eas are towering soulless demons, and whilst it is true they have only spirits rather than souls, they know just the same, the lesser and greater qualities of humanity.

Further Elf King updates…

Last week we playtested twice, and have organised another this week. We have tested each Circle, some more than others and we are at the stage now where we are fine tuning the various powers of the Circles. We particularly like the gruesome effects of The Red Death!

Initial artwork is complete, and we have commissioned further work for the Circle emblems. We have sourced the play tokens, six or seven different colours for those, plus wound markers and we are ordering a very limited run of Elf King dice bags. These will be very scarce, so if you are interested in the game make sure to get one early, as we cannot guarantee quick restocks.

The game requires D6’s and D10’s, and we may supply these also, if we feel it necessary. We are also looking at other merchandise, so if there is anything you would like to see let us know!

Preis: 12.00 GBP

Lucid Eye Weitere Elfen 02

The Companions 2 out now.

In those days gods walked the land. Even the Thane’s Companions could best any mortal, Eas was a land where tall Elf lords ruled for an age.

Welcome to the Fae Revanche, welcome to the Fall of All

The Red Book of The Elf King, game rules written by Rick Priestley in association with Lucid Eye, 28mm heroic miniatures line.

Preis: 12.00 GBP


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  • Super Fantasy Nordmännern. Elfen sehe ich da so jetzt auf den ersten Blick nicht. Aber super Fantasy Nordmänner/Frauen.

  • Die Mischung gefällt mir sehr gut. Stilistisch ziemlich an Wagner-eske Skandinavier-/Germanen-Bilder angelehnt und trotzdem recht hoher Grad an realistisch-überzeugender Kraft. Und eben der Elfen-Einschlag. Sieht man schon an den schlankeren Formen und Gesichtern.

      • Ohne böse sein zu wollen, aber ist Deine Frage ernst gemeint? Der hat schon Opern geschrieben zu denen es Kostüme gab, auf die Raest hier hinaus wollte…

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