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Lucid Eye: Neuheiten

Lucid Eye bieten neue Menschen, Trolle und das „Rote Buch des Elfenkönigs“.

LucidEye Trolls LucidEye UrdaneMortals


The Urdane Mortals come from the East. They have overcome their ancient fears and begun to invade the immortal lands of Eas. Shorter than Elves, and subject to sickness, they make up for this by weilding weapons of Iron which are fatal to Elves and Trolls.

Trolls are not the victims of the immortal realm. They have a history as long as the Elves, and are related to them. They are cunning and strong, and their appearance is varied, but rooted in their Fae ancestry.

LucidEye RedBookElfKing

The Red Book of The Elf King will be going live on PRE ORDER this April!

PRE ORDER deals will be comprised for all entry points, which will include new unrevealed miniatures, and the whole range itself. From the Rule Book to the Glamour Card Deck – to Trolls, more Thanes and the Urdane Mortals, including everything you need to play. Ehlim The Elf King miniature will also be making an appearance!

The PRE ORDER window will be running from the end of April to the end of May, so make sure to place your pre orders within that window, as that way, your orders can be sent out in the first wave of deliveries! There will be lots of deals to pick from for all players, collectors, and gamers alike!

An update also – The Jim Fitzpatrick official collectors Miniature will also be available for PRE ORDER this April. Jim will be signing a small quantity of the products, for the first wave of buyers, so make sure to get in early for a better chance at getting a signed one from Jim!

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  • der Elfenkönig vom Artwork erinnert mich an Elric of Melnibone …
    zumindest an eine Oldschoolvariante 😉

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