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Lucid Eye: Neuheiten und Preview

Lucid Eye haben ein paar Elfen nachgelegt und zeigen eine Vorschau auf Trolle.

LucidEye Companions5

Companion Elves are warriors, they do not farm the land. Elven towers exist in a wilderness, yet a fiercely protected one. This land belongs to them and their borders are strong.

The Companions 5 – 12,00 GBP

LucidEye Companions6

The immortal Companions tread softly on the snow covered ground, far and wide they travel through mist covered valleys, over white mountain peaks, and even to the Veil. They have lived for uncounted years and their memories are long.

The Companions 6 – 12,00 GBP

LucidEye Lowic

Lowic’s presence at the court is incongruous. He much prefers the freedom of his home plains, hunting the White Hart. However the Fae Revanche has brought him and his Companions into the eye of the storm.

Lowic The Hero of The Ecanna – 7,50 GBP

LucidEye Orelea

Orelea High Admiralla of The Fae Fleet, has travelled to the shores of Hel and has lost her shadow to the Underworld. She returned changed, so that she is shunned by all except her loyal Companions.

Orelea of The Long Isles – 7,50 GBP

LucidEye Trolls Prev

A sneak peak of a couple of the new Trolls due out towards the end of the week!

We will be seeing more Trolls in April!

Quelle: Lucid Eye auf Facebook


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