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Knuckleduster: Neue Previews

Knuckleduster Miniatures zeigen auf Facebook neue Render-Previews.

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While waiting for mats, books, and cards to come in, I haven’t been twittling my thumbs. I’ve been creating new items which will be released after Kickstarter fulfillment in addition to all of the merchandise in the Kickstarter. Here is a sneak preview of the figures I’ve been working on (all of them are for the Gunfighter’s Ball product line).

Four of six bank robbers are done, and five of six town defenders are done (think Northfield and Coffeeville).

The wagon is in its middle stages of development. It will consist of a wagon bed (resin), front running gear (metal), rear running gear with reach (metal), wheels (metal), seat/springs (metal), tongue (metal, not pictured), and the single and double trees in metal. Horse furniture for wagons will be in development soon (styles vary according to the the type of vehicle).

In addition to the figures pictured, we will be releasing bedroom sets, a frontier kitchen set, furnishings for the jail, haystacks, and of course all of the items from the Kickstarter (except for the Drifter exclusive figure).

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  • Ohhhhhh nice. Die Knuckleduster sind soooo schick. Muss ich wohl Verstärkung kaufen, sobald sie verfügbar sind. Eignen sich prima für DMH!

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