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Knights of Dice: Letters Home – Pacific

Neu im Programm bei Knights of Dice: Letters Home – Pacific.

New Release!

Letters Home: Pacific has finally been released.

They are in fact not a great deal more expensive than the Tabula Rasa: Village Huts (same model, just the Letters Home variant has detailed etching).

Knight Of Dice LHP001 1 Knight Of DiceLHP001 2 Knight Of DiceLHP001 5

Pacific Hut 1 – 24,00 AUD

Knight Of DiceLHP002 1 Knight Of DiceLHP002 4 Knight Of DiceLHP002 5

Pacific Hut 2 – 23,00 AUD

Knight Of DiceLHP003 1 Knight Of DiceLHP003 2 Knight Of DiceLHP003 5

Pacific Hut 3 – 42,00 AUD

Knight Of DiceLHP004 1 Knight Of DiceLHP004 3 Knight Of DiceLHP004 5

Pacific Hut 4 – 26,00 AUD

Knight Of DiceLHP005 1 Knight Of DiceLHP005 2 Knight Of DiceLHP005 5

Pacific Hut 5 – 26,00 AUD

Knight Of DiceLHP006 1 Knight Of DiceLHP006 4 Knight Of DiceLHP006 5

Pacific Hut 6 – 26,00 AUD

Knight Of DiceLHP007 1 Knight Of DiceLHP007 2 Knight Of DiceLHP007 5

Pacific Hut 7 – 20,00 AUD

Knight Of DiceLHP008 1 Knight Of DiceLHP008 4 Knight Of DiceLHP008 5

Pacific Hut 8 – 26,00 AUD

Knight Of DiceLHP009 1 Knight Of DiceLHP009 2 Knight Of DiceLHP009 6

Pacific Hut 9- 2x – 26,00 AUD


The Letters Home: Pacific range differs from the Tabula Rasa: Village Hut buildings only in the extra detailing – the etching etc.  They are produced to our usual high standards and are manufactured from 3mm and 1.8mm components

The sub-structure underneath the buildings is made from 3mm MDF for strength and the building itself from 1.8mm MDF. The building can either be glued to the sub-structure or if you’d like it to be removable (perhaps to either place things under the building , for storage or to be used without an elevated platform) you can simply align the building on the sub-structure using the locating pins.

The stairs are not part of the actual buildings, but are fixed to the base plate and sub-structure allowing you to use the buildings without the elevated platforms.

All the models in this range feature an accessable interior via removable roofs and/or additional floors.

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