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Kings of War Vanguard: Neue Previews

Mantic Games zeigen neue Bilder ihrer kommenden Modelle für Vanguard.

Den Anfang machen zwei Previews zu den Nightstalkers:

MG Mantic Kings Of War Vanguard Nightstalker 1 MG Mantic Kings Of War Vanguard Nightstalker 2

Eine Variante des Riesen gibt es nun auch bemalt zu sehen:

MG Mantic Kings Of War Vanguard Riese 1 MG Mantic Vanguard Riese 2 MG Mantic Vanguard Riese 3 MG Mantic Vanguard Riese 4 MG Mantic Vanguard Riese 5 MG Mantic Vanguard Riese 6 MG Mantic Vanguard Riese 7

Einen Größenvergleich gibt es auch:

MG Mantic Vanguard Riese 1

Zur Erinnerung hier noch einmal der Frostriese und einige Bauteile des Plastiksets:

MG Mantic Kings Of War Vanguard Riese 2 MG Mantic Kings Of War Vanguard Riese 3

Inzwischen gab es auch Previews zum Regelbuch zu sehen:

MG Mantic Kings Of War Vanguard 1 MG Mantic Kings Of War Vanguard 2 MG Mantic Kings Of War Vanguard 3 MG Mantic Kings Of War Vanguard 4 MG Mantic Kings Of War Vanguard 5

Die Auslieferung des Kickstarters verzögert sich leider etwas, allerdings hätte der bisher angestrebte Versandtermin vor dem ursprünglich geplanten Versand gelegen, so dass die Kampagne immer noch im Zeitrahmen liegt.

Ho! Vanguardians,

So, there’s a little bit of bad news today. We were hoping that the Vanguard Kickstarter items would be with us towards the end of this month. However, we’ve had an update from the manufacturer that some items were delayed, which has pushed the timeline back slightly… but only by a couple of weeks.

The new estimated date for us to start shipping is October 15th and we expect to be finished within a couple of weeks. This means that everything should be out of the door by the end of October, which is ahead of the November shipping date we estimated on the Kickstarter. Sorry about the slight delay but luckily it’s only a couple of weeks, and we’re still ahead of schedule overall.

However, it’s not all bad news. The rulebook is currently being printed and – even if we do say so – it’s one of the most beautiful rulebooks we’ve produced. The Vanguard rulebook is 160 pages long (that’s an extra 32 pages than we predicted during the Kickstarter) and has rules for one-off games, basic spells, advanced spells, 12 scenarios, starter warbands… the list goes on.

It’s easily comparable with the hardback Kings of War rulebook in terms of depth. Vanguard is a game we want to be around for a long time and a lot of very hard work has gone into producing this rulebook. Thanks to all those members of the community that helped with playtesting.

Perhaps one of the most exciting elements is the incredibly detailed campaign system. Author Matt Gilbert has done an amazing job on creating a rich campaign mode that will see your fighters grow over time. The campaign section alone is 28 pages and will give you an opportunity to create your own warband and tell their story through a series of fantastic interlinked games.

As we approach the launch of Vanguard, make sure you keep checking the Mantic Blog because we’ll have more than a month’s worth of detailed Vanguard coverage – showing how it ties into and supports Kings of War, what new units it’s helping to create for KoW, how a campaign works and lots, lots more. This is one of our biggest releases ever and we’re extremely excited about it.

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