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Kings of War: Neue Vanguard Previews

Mantic Games haben neue Bilder zu Kings of War Vanguard veröffentlicht.

Ho! Vanguardians,

Today we wanted to give you a quick progress update on how things are going with Vanguard. Short story: very well! Firstly, Matt Gilbert and the newly established rules committee have been working hard on the rules and the rulebook is currently being laid out by our design team.

Secondly, the PVC miniatures are almost ready to go into tooling and we’ve received an update from the factory to show how all the various bits and pieces will be put together on the tool. These are actually resin, rather than PVC, but it should give you an idea of what you’ll be receiving. You can see the various sets below:

MG Mantic KoW Vanguard Preview 1 MG Mantic KoW Vanguard Preview 2 MG Mantic KoW Vanguard Preview 3 MG Mantic KoW Vanguard Preview 4

  • Nightstalkers
  • Basilea
  • Abyssals
  • Northern Alliance


Also, we realised there are a few renders of the Dwarf Warband that we haven’t previously shared. So let’s take a closer look at those.

MG Mantic KoW Vanguard Preview 5 MG Mantic KoW Vanguard Preview 6 MG Mantic KoW Vanguard Preview 7 MG Mantic KoW Vanguard Preview 8

  • Ironwatch
  • Sergeant
  • Ranger
  • Steel Juggernaut

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