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Khurasan Miniatures: Preview und Neuheiten

Khurasan Miniatures haben ein neues Preview Bild und neue Sci-Fi Neuheiten gepostet.

Khurasan Miniatures Preview Und Neuheiten 01

Janissary archers for our 16th century range.

We previewed the arquebusiers some months ago but now the rest of the sculpts have been cast and are being painted.

More previews to come ….

Khurasan Miniatures Preview Und Neuheiten 02 Khurasan Miniatures Preview Und Neuheiten 03

We are very pleased to release Federal Navy and Garn heavy attack fighters for our starship combat range. The Federal fighter, the Bader, is 11mm long, the Garn attack fighter not as long, but wider.

They come in sets of three and include a Y shaped attachment hub you can stick the three of them on. This has a further attachment point on the bottom for a flight stand. We offer one but it’s optional and you can buy them without the pewter stand if you have your own method of basing them. Available now:


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