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Khurasan Miniatures: Neuheit und Preview

Khurasan Miniatures präsentieren eine Neuheit und eine Preview.

Khurasan Miniatures Neuheit Und Preview 01

We are very pleased to release our latest space demon, Giganotomorphus rex. These creatures are born ready to fight, and maintain the same appearance throughout their lifetime as they grow larger and larger. So this model, which is about 90mm long from jaws to tail spike, can be used with either 15mm or 6mm models. Used with 15s it’s about the size of a large Tyrannosaur — with 6mm models it’s the creature that takes on enemy mecha on equal terms.

Available now:

Khurasan Miniatures Neuheit Und Preview 02

I had originally made these as a sort of risen gun thrall for the Garn and while I haven’t completely written off that idea, it might also be fun to do a dinosauroid 15mm sci fi force. What other dinosaurs would we want to see in such a force? Larger dinosaurs somewhat further evolved, so able to stand bipedally and hold guns in their hands, maybe ceratopsian dinosaurs with carapace armour and large guns (so basically living tanks)? Or dinosaurs in normal poses but armoured and with guns mounted on them and possibly “manned” by the raptor species?

Five more poses of the raptors are being made now ….


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