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Khurasan Miniatures: Neue Previews

Khurasan Miniatures präsentieren Preview Bilder ihrer neuen Sci-Fi Range.

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The Warp Drakes of the Drakon Empire have the ability to travel through time, and will venture Into the future — grim though it may be — to find technology to save their declining empire. To do this they must go forward to the Regnum Desperandum, a dark future indeed, in which a once all-powerful empire of noble humans, knights in power armour, face seemingly insurmountable perils.

None of these perils is worse than the Rukk-har. Bred from the twisted, evil Rukkling hordes, crossed with the genetic material of men, the Rukk-har are huge, cruel, and evil, but also intelligent and disciplined. Bred in the billons by a mysterious mage dwelling on a black planet, the Rukk legions have spread out in all directions, overcoming lesser peoples, and pressing the imperium hominorum itself to the brink of extinction.

The first sets of our Gothic sci fi range, the Rukk, will be released disturbingly soon upon an unsuspecting galaxy. There are three sets — Rukk rifles, Rukk weapons and command (including the dreaded power-armour-killing battery cannons), and Rukk platoon command.

Soon after the Warp Drakes of the Drakon Empire will follow. More codes have been made as well!


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