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Hexy: Hexarr the Storm Dragon

Der Drache von Hexy Studio ist jetzt erhältlich.

 HX Hexy Hexarr The Storm Dragon 1 HX Hexy Hexarr The Storm Dragon 2 HX Hexy Hexarr The Storm Dragon 3 HX Hexy Hexarr The Storm Dragon 4 HX Hexy Hexarr The Storm Dragon 5

Hexarr the Storm Dragon (PREORDER) – $50.00 (regulär $62,12)

Ancient. Powerful. Dangerous. Cunning.
These words describe Hexarr perfectly.
He is a huge beast that came down from the mountains at the very end of the world.
And he definitely is not after some sheep herds. Or sheepherders. Or even some fair virgins.

No… He is far more ambitious than that.
He shall rule these lands! There is no one who could stop him after all...

This set contains 1 highly detailed, multipart model and 1 HDF base.
Hexarr model is 14cm high and its wings are 20cm wide!

Please be advised that this is Preorder.
You can order Hexarr now, but the shipping will start at the beginning of December but you will be first to get it for a special price!

Models supplied unpainted and will require assembly.
Model is made from high-quality resin.

Other models are shown only for scale purpose only.

Concept art by Marta Ryjówka.
Master model by Hexy Team.
Painted by Hamster52.

Quelle: Hexy Studio


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