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Happy Games Factory: Juli Neuheiten

Happy Games Factory zeigen ihre Neuheiten im Juli für Eden und einige Farben.

Eden Matriarchat WhiteOrderStarter 01 Eden Matriarchat WhiteOrderStarter 02

Sister Eunoé:
The White Order is rarely mentioned. His actions are more discreet than those of the Red Order, less terrifying than those of the Green Order and less extreme than those of the Black Order. Yet do not be fooled, they are just as effective. As Exarch of the White Order, Sister Eunoé is on all fronts. She is an outstanding strategist and the highest instances of her Order have built much hope in her actions.
Sister Drusilla:
Faith and fervor are common in the Matriarchate ranks. But Sister Drusilla also has this exaltation that can reverse the course of events. His fiery preachings in the heart of the most terrible battles have remained in many memories and have sealed many graves.
The Brothers are not slaves, they have a real status within the matriarchy. And even though they can not claim the same privileges as the Sisters, they are considered true believers. Thus, Secutor is a Brother listened to by his Sisters-at-Arms, especially when the weapons must speak.
Like all Sisters and Brothers who are Matriarchs, Carnifex owes all his life to Sybille’s teachings. He was able to choose, after years of prayer and training he was able to choose the way of War. And he is a most formidable warrior, most of his opponents are unfortunately no longer there to testify.

Metal miniatures
Original sculpture Victor Aguilar. Painted by Mohand.
Concept: Bruno Bessadi
Colorization: Sébastien Lamirand

White Order Starter – 39,00 Euro

Eden Immortals Loki 01 Eden Immortals Loki 02 Eden Immortals Loki 03 Eden Immortals Loki 04

Some time ago, we told you that Anton was on the side of the Immortals …
But if some do not want a clown among their Immortals, we have planned an alternative head!

Resin and metal minitures.
Concept: Bruno Bessadi
Colorization: Sébastien Lamirand
Original sculpture by Mr. Ait Mehdi „Mohand“,
Thierry Heit painting.

Loki & 3 Iridium Mines Tokens – 25,00 Euro

Eden Jokers Anton V2 01 Eden Jokers Anton V2 02

Clown joke: tear off a panel, crush a skull, laugh.

Metal miniature
Original sculpture by Mr. Ait Mehdi „Mohand“, Painting Thierry Heit.

Antön v2 – 12,00 Euro

HappyGames OpaqueColors

The Pro-color paint is an acrylic ink composed of fine pigments and acrylic polymers of high quality that will meet the highest requirements, both for airbrushing, brush, modelism and decoration. It can be used it with all the sizes of airbrush nozzles, even the smallest ones.
The Pro-color paint adheres perfectly to paper, cardboard, wood, plastic and metal.

Pro-Color Opaque Set – 45,00 Euro

Quelle: Happy Games Factory


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  • Wer hätte gedacht, dass der weiße Orden gleich nen ganzen Starter bekommt 🙂 normalerweise ist so etwas erst zu Weihnachten der Fall, dass eine Starterbox kommt. Egal, mir gefällt‘s. Hoffe nur, dass es die beim Händler meines Vertrauens auch bald gibt. Die anderen Minis sind auch gut, nur die Posen etwas statisch…

    Die Farben würde ich auch testen, aber es gibt genug da draußen und das Airbrush auf den Fläschchen schreckt mich ab, AB Farben sind mir meist zum malen zu dünn, da nehm ich lieber normale Farben und verdünne mir die für die AB.

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