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Happy Games: April Neuheiten

Neuheiten im April für Eden und Drakerys von Happy Games.

Eden Starteraskariv3 Eden Cartehasaneng Eden Cartesharireng Eden Cartewanashabeng

Askaris hunters, led by the terrifying janissary Hassan, are an elite group specialized in stalking and catching new specimens to provide secret labs. Equipped with a crossbow, the Wanashab is cold blood killer. Next to him is the Sharir, a dreadful cybernetic tiger, an outstanding hunter who is letting a considerable threat in the hearts of his prey.

Askari Starter Box V3 – 39,00 Euro

Eden Starterconvoikids Eden Cartehanseng Eden Carteralfeng Eden Cartetilloeng Eden Cartewillieng Eden Cartewulfeng Eden Figenfants

Symbol of hope in a new world or sign of the decadence of a people: the kids take up arms and fight in the name of the Convoy! Do not be fooled by their age and do not underestimate them! These kids have lived the hard way from their youngest years and are able to drool over to more than one mutant! Led by Hans and his legendary temper, children are already respectable warriors. Willi is a mischievous saboteur, while Ralf keeps silent under all circumstances. Finally, Tillo and his formidable dog Wulf play with their targets, between harassment and direct attack.

Convoy Starter Box V3 – 39,00 Euro

 Eden Boosterimmortel Eden Amarok Eden Izanami Eden Carteamarokeng Eden Carteizanamieng

Izanami is a perfect stalker profile! Her Chrono-Targeting allows her to weaken one or more opponents at a time, it’s up to you to properly place her to make the most of its effects. In addition, thanks to her Boomerang, she can attack targets normally out of reach, while ignoring the sceneries! Finally, her Bad Luck will be a decisive tool for your strategy, whether in defense, to protect one of your fighters, or in attack (imagine a fighter to reroll his dodging against Amarok!)
In addition, Izanami possesses the Chaos stigma, which gives her access to the Tactical Card Violent Knock!
Amarok is a brutal fighter whose objective is the unconditional elimination of his prey. Although not fast, he can block a fighter to his contact thanks to the ability Duel, forcing him to face it without the possibility of running away!
Amarok has a respectable 6 CBT, coupled with Controlled Frustration and Excellence, it becomes a threat that can not be ignored! Reroll the combat roll and reroll the 1 makes a decisive attack more reliable! Add to that his Chrono-Killer ability that allows him to make an attack for a Chrono token, and you get a fighter able to shoot anyone on the battlefield!
In addition, as a small bonus, the Primary Channel allows you to continue playing Tactical cards, even if your leader is no longer there! Handover to put a Passation of Power in your hand 
Booster – Amarok & Izanami – 25,00 Euro
Eden Boosterartefact01 Eden Boosterartefact02
Artefacts Booster – 25,00 Euro
Eden Burnout 01 Eden Burnout 02

With the campaign, Burn Out allows you to link your games together. Your fighters are going to win experience and, for luckiest ones, will become real war machines … but the suffered wounds will be able to put them off for a time or even lead them to the death !

Eden Burn Out comes with :

  • 4 game tiles
  • 3 3D building sceneries
  • 8 2D sceneries
  • 60 Experience cards
  • 32 Artifact cards
  • 16 Kaps cards
  • 16 Crate cards
  • 9 Secondary objective cards
  • 9 NPF cards
  • 61 Objective tokens
  • 24 Flag tokens
  • 21 Artifact tokens
  • 10 Dead body tokens (5x30mm, 5x40mm)
  • 9 NPF tokens
  • 10 Headquarter sheets
  • 1 Rulebook
Burn Out Expansion – 45,00 Euro
Eden Stygmapackc 01 Eden Stygmapackc 02 Eden Stygmapackc 03
Stygmata expansion Pack C – 25,00 Euro
Drakerys Terre Air
Elemantal  emissaries Earth & Air – 25,00 Euro
Quelle: Happy Games

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    • Die Gebäude haben eine super Qualität.Ich habe endlich meinen pledge bekommen, daher konnte ich endlich mal das Material live sehen. Diese Gebäude sind aus der dicksten Pappe die ich bisher gesehen habe. Der Druck der Ruinen-Texturen ist ebenfalls super

  • Ich bekomme meine Ruinen/Minis morgen. Freu mich drauf. Ist einfach eines meines Lieblingsspiele, geniale Regeln und preislich erschwinglich …

  • @dutchman: Da sagst du was! Ich drücke die Daumen!

    Happy Games wirft sich richtig ins Zeug. Find ich gut! Bin gespannt was da noch kommt….

  • Bin mal gespannt wann ich mein Zeug bekomme.
    Habe eine Mail bekommen, dass das nicht stimmen würde. Hab nachgeschaut und es passt alles. Aber auf meine Mails bekomme ich keine Antwort. Das nervt ein wenig

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