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Greebo Games: Mehr Alastoran Previews

Greebo Games zeigen mehr und mehr Vorschaubilder da sich der Alastoran Kickstarter nähert.

Greebo Alastoran Prev01

[Alastoran – Fantasy Football] More lightly armored demons revealed! You can now see the back of the model: tails were removed in order to create a model that is markedly easier to glue together

Greebo Alastoran Prev02

[Alastoran – Fantasy Football] In order to create a proper Star Player, one needs a proper concept, but sometimes nothing can beat a good suggestion: is the hair on the head alright?

Greebo Alastoran Prev03 Greebo Alastoran Prev04

[Alastoran – Fantasy Football] We’re shifting more into the typical looks&style of football players: here are two different versions of a uniform, which one do you like best? The first is unmistakably for fantasy football games, while the second could fill a variety of roles in different game Systems.

Greebo Alastoran Prev05

[Alastoran – Fantasy Football] This is our first Blood Knight sketch. Do you prefer all Knights with the same armor or with little variations?

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