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GameCraft Miniatures: Painting Station

GameCraft Miniatures haben eine neue Painting Station in ihrem Shop.

GameCraft Miniatures Painting Station 01 GameCraft Miniatures Painting Station 02 GameCraft Miniatures Painting Station 03 GameCraft Miniatures Painting Station 04

Painting Station holds 31 of the Vallejo and Army Painter style dropper bottles, one small brush rinse water cup and 28 brushes, files, etc.

Assembled unit measures 16″ wide, 11″ deep and 3 1/2″ tall.  This is perfect size for putting away on a bookshelf, under your bed or in a cupboard when you are not using it.  Perfect for people that want to work at their desk, on the dining room table, the coffee table while watching TV, or if you just want to keep your workbench clutter free while switching between painting jobs.  Also great for people that have small children and want to put their paints away to keep their little hands from getting into them.

This Painting Station is identical to our regular 26mm Painting Station except that it adds a third row of bottle holes bringing it’s capacity up to 31 bottles.

Made from 1/8″ MDF.  Assembly and painting (if desired) is required.

Preis: 27.50$


Quelle: GameCraft Miniatures


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  • Sieht ganz ok aus, aber ich habe so den Eindruck, dass in dem Bereich HobbyZone doch die Nase vorne hat was Design und Konnektivität und auch den Preis betrifft.

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