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Frostgrave: The Wizard’s Conclave Teaser

Frostgrave, Fantasy, Osprey, North Star Military Figures

Vom Autor persönlich gibt es einen ersten Teaser auf die 2019 erscheinende Erweiterung „The Wizard’s Conclave“ für Frostgrave.

Frostgrave: Wizard’s Conclave Cover

Check this out! And pay special attention to the names at the Bottom…
Frostgrave Wiz Con Cover

This is the official cover for Frostgrave:Wizard’s Conclave which is due out next February. Once again, Dmitry and Kate Burmak have turned in an exceptional piece of artwork, but for the moment, I want to focus on that text at the bottom.Although the full story is told in the introduction to the book, basically, one day I realized that years of working for Osprey Publishing had given me numerous contacts in the games industry, including many of the biggest names in wargame writing. I began to wonder what would happen if I asked them all to write a scenario for Frostgrave. Well, this is the answer – a big book filled with scenarios of every description, written by a ‘greatest hits’ type collection of games writers. I think it is something unique in the wargame world, and I feel very honoured that all of these people have had a crack at writing for my game.

Now, back to that artwork for a second. I’ve got a little prize for whomever can guess why those specific wizards are depicted on the cover. Put your guesses in the comments section below and make sure I can identify you. First one who gets it right gets a signed Frostgrave: Grimoire box. One guess per person. Employees of Osprey, North Star, and anyone who somehow already knows the answer are ineligible.

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