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Frostgrave: The Wizards Conclave Teaser

Auf Facebook kündigen North Star die nächste Erweiterung für Frostgrave an, The Wizards Conclave soll im Februar 2019 erscheinen.

North Star Military Miniatures The Wizards Conclave Teaser

Coming Feb 2019.
Wizards tend to be secretive and solitary, rarely sharing their knowledge, and associating with only a select few apprentices, followers, and henchmen. It is rare that they spend time in the company of other spellcasters, and rarer still that they work together. Now, however, something is about to take place that has not occurred since the great days of Felstad – a gathering of wizards.

In this new supplement for Frostgrave, some of the biggest names in gaming turn their creative powers towards the Frozen City, each contributing a scenario and adding their own flair to the game. Featuring scenarios by Alessio Cavatore, Alex Buchel, Andy Chambers, Gav Thorpe, Chris Pramas, Daniel Mersey, Andrea Sfiligoi, and many more, this tome provides a collection of adventures that will pit players against unimaginable foes and challenges, pushing their wizards and warbands to new limits.

Quelle: North Star Military Figures auf Facebook


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  • Wow das nenne ich mal eine beeindruckende Zusammenarbeit!

    Ich bin gespannt was da im Detail bei rauskommen wird, liest sich auf jeden Fall schon mal sehr interessant!

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