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Fireforge: Finale Kickstarter Previews

In einer Woche startet der Kickstarter zu Forgotten Worlds.

FG Fireforge Forgotten World Kickstarter 1 FG Fireforge Forgotten World Kickstarter 2 FG Fireforge Forgotten World Kickstarter 3 FG Fireforge Forgotten World Kickstarter 4 FG Fireforge Forgotten World Kickstarter 5 FG Fireforge Forgotten World Kickstarter 6

Dear followers, Forgotten World Kickstarter campaign will start September 20th – 7.00 pm Rome time (10.00 am Los Angeles, 1.00 pm New York, 6.00 pm London; September 21st – 3.00 am for our australian friends from Sidney and sorry if some cities are missing). Join the campaign through the same link used as preview: https://www.kickstarter.com/proje…/fireforgegames/927490714…

Help us sharing the project, give that news to all your friends, help us to release these new plastic figures and we will give you a wonderful year of games

Unter anderem wurde zuletzt ein neues 2-Spieler-Pledge vorgestellt:

FG Fireforge Forgotten Worlds Kickstarter 1

Mindestbeitrag: 140 €

Forgotten World Starter Set

(€140/$157/£122 approx.)
The Starter Set contains the equivalent of 9 boxes:
-24 Northmen Warriors
-12 Northmen Bowmen
– 6 Northmen Cavalry
-36 Living Dead Paesants
-24 Living Dead Warriors
– 6 Living Dead Knights
– 1 kit of Gravestones and 1 kit of Fences
– 1 copy of the Forgotten World rulebook in A5 format (available in English, Italian and Spanish)
-tokens and the basic magic cards deck to play (English only)

With this pledge you will also receive:
-FREE Kickstarter Exclusive figures (Theodore The Realm Warden and Aleister The Shadowsoul)
-FREE Stretch Goals characters: 1 of each when unlocked.

Access to Add-on
Note: if you want to Add-on simply increase the amount of your pledge.

Access to Beta rules
You will receive access to the beta testing of the Forgotten World rules.

Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends, see Shipping section for full details.

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