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FASA: Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter

FASA möchten mit einem Kickstarter das vierte Buch für die dritte Edition von Demonworld finanzieren, das Elf Army Book.

FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 1


Welcome to Demonworld. The lands of the world called Garin are covered in thousands of years of history and legend. They harbor numerous secrets and dangers, as well as the bones of generations, the victims of seemingly unending wars. Demonworld’s miniatures war game lets you take command of the armies of Tinere, the northern-most continent of Garin, and create epic battles between Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Orcs, Goblins, and the races of the nefarious Isthak.

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We here at FASA Games, Inc are producing a fourth book in our Demonworld Miniatures game this year. Previously, we had brought you the Core Rules book, and two army books: the Dwarf and Thain. Now we are pleased to announce the Elves!

This project has been a long time coming, and we are happy to say that the Elf Army Book for the DEMONWORLD Miniatures game is almost ready! This 128-page book includes chapters on rules for play, stats for all of the Elven units, spells, a set of pre-generated game scenarios, options for customizing your game, and plenty of history and detail about the Elves of Tinere. The Units chapter includes photos for all 32 varieties of miniature packs, most with variant poses. The army consists of classic elf units, like centaurs, pegasus riders, and archers, plus a few new ones, like the Dragonfly Rider for example.

FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 4

Dragonfly Rider

If you haven’t played Demonworld 3rdE yet, let us tell you about some of the changes we have made from the previous edition. The new edition introduces a more open battle style. Rather than playing on a hexagon-based map, you move your troops around on an open field, making measurements and movement in inches. This form of play allows you to customize your battlefield in any way you choose; add buildings, lay out hazardous terrain, and create higher elevations however you want! The Core Rules Book also offers a guide for creating your own units and heroes, making the possibilities truly endless and 100% customized to your play style.

Also included in the Elf Army Book is a new section of Heroes, complete with stats and photos. If you’ve been with us in Demonworld 3rd Edition before, you know that heroes are something that were sorely missing. We are pleased to tell you that there are 24 new Elf commanders included in the Elf Army book. This is a vital part of the new direction we are taking and heroes will be included in all army books from here on out.

FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 5

Thinuviel the Swift, Elven Commander

We believe that Demonworld is like nothing else available today. Our 15mm pewter miniatures have incredible detail that you really have to see to believe. The miniatures are popular amongst painters who love the detail we offer and want to expand their collection and are used by gamers in other platforms as well. They make a great option for character figures in tabletop RPGs. There is a lot to love about this collection of figures, not to mention the game itself.

We just need to put the finishing touches into the Elf book before we are ready to get it to the printers and into your hands. We are proud of the work that we do and feel privileged to be able to bring you these products.

We have been offering previews and updates on our blog at that give insights into the world of Garin, the history between these races, and what new units are coming to the Elven army.

You can also view our full range of existing miniatures, both classic and new U18 editions, created and provided by Ral Partha Europe.

FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 6

The world of Garin has been in a state of upheaval since the demons returned from The Void twenty years ago. The disparate races on the continent of Tinere were caught completely by surprise by the invasion and have been scrambling to defend their territories from the demons. The forces of the Isthak that control the northern end of the continent and are also bent on the utter destruction of the rest of Tinere. They work in concert with the demons to keep their enemies on their heels and unable to mount an assault. And not least of the races‘ worries are the bitter hatreds that run between the various peoples that have been the cause of bloody wars for as long as anyone can remember. Even with a common enemy, most are not ready to set aside prejudice and bad blood in exchange for dubious allies.

The Elves have been the most harshly affected by the demons‘ return. Twice before, in ages past wielding power and influence unmatched, the Elves had beaten back the demons hordes. Now, having lived so long in isolated comfort and peace, they have been caught unprepared for a full-on attack by new demons that have never before been seen on Garin. Without any warning, masses of demons crawled up from the ocean and tore into the Elves‘ forest, shredding every living thing they could find as they went. The High Elves, known as the Ilah RI, were forced to evacuate, seal their capitol city of Llananrion against invaders, and flee from beneath the sheltering trees that had protected them from outsiders for so many centuries.

FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 7

Elf archers with a Treeman protector

The Wood Elves, known as the Thanaril, fought valiantly against the onslaught of demons until it became clear that they could not prevail. Though they were not as quick to flee as the Ilah Ri, they too were soon forced from their homes and out into the harsh light where they met long-time enemies in the Empire from whom they were suddenly forced to seek sanctuary. The adjustments did not come easily, and many of the forest folk are still adamant in their resistance to the change. But there is little choice as the corruption of the demons continues to warp the forest that the Elves have abandoned.

FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 8

High Ef Dragonrider

Now with some time to regroup and prepare for a counter-strike, the Elves hope to retake their home and eject the demons back to The Void where they belong.

FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 9

In addition to the listed reward levels, we are happy to offer several add-ons to our generous backers. As mentioned before, the Core Rules Book and the Dwarf and Thain army books are in print and ready to ship, as well as their respective armies. As an add-on in the post-campaign survey, backers are welcome to request that any of these products be added to their shipment.

$25.00  Miniatures Corebook

$18.00  Dwarf Army Book

$18.00  Thain Army Book

$12.99  NEW Centaur Warmblood   (6 per pack, MSRP $14.99)

$8.49   NEW Pixies Scouts (12 per pack, MSRP $9.99)

$2.49   NEW Dragonfly Rider (1 per pack, MSRP $2.99)

$1.50 (each) Pack of 5 pewter bases

$60.00 Wood Elf Starter Army

  • 2x U18-4301 Wood Elf Archers
  • 1x U18-4302 Wood Elf Spearmen
  • 1x U18-4303 Wood Elf Skirmishers
  • 1x U18-4309 Wood Elf Swordmasters
  • 1x U18-4310 Wood Elf Mounted Rangers
  • 1x U18-4330 Elf Commanders

$60.00 High Elf Starter Army

  • 1x U18-4314 High Elf Heavy Infantry
  • 1x U18-4315 High Elf Swordsmen
  • 2x U18-4316 High Elf Archers
  • 1x U18-4313 High Elf Heavy Cavalry
  • 1x U18-4303 Wood Elf Skirmishers
  • 1x U18-4330 Elf Commanders

$60 Dwarf Starter Army

  • 1x U18-4402 Dwarven Heavy Clan Warriors
  • 1x U18-4403 Dwarven Clan Veterans
  • 2x U18-4406 Dwarven Arquebusiers
  • 1x U18-4414 Dwarven Dragon Thunder mortar
  • 1x U18-4416 Dwarven Pony Riders
  • 1x U18-4430 Dwarven Heroes pack

$60 Thain Starter Army

  • 2x U18-4501 Archers
  • 1x U18-4503 Spearmen
  • 1x U18-4507 The King’s Wolves
  • 1x U18-4518 Gar’arryd Cavalry
  • 1x U18-4524 Boar Spirit
  • 1x U18-4526 Banner of the High King
  • 1x U18-4528 Thain Heroes pack

Please add $8.00 per army and $2.00 per book for shipping add-ons.

FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 10

We know that once you get a close look at our miniatures and test out the game, you will feel the same way we do. Demonworld is special and we want to share it with as many people as possible.

We’re ready to unlock these stretch goals, but we need your help. Each new level will reward our backers with bonus products and kickstarter-exclusive items. So call your friends and spread the word.

FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 11 FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 12 FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 13

If we find that interest is strong enough, we may be able to unlock more stretch goals, so please share our campaign with your gaming community.

FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 14

Successful campaigns like this one will help us keep things coming in the not-too-distant future. Our next planned project is the Isthak Army Book. The Isthak encompass the combined forces of the Ice Witches, Beastmen, Ice Giants, and other unique monsters native to the northern wastes of Tinere, including some that have been warped by demonic corruption. Our hope is to be able to complete this and future projects for our fans. Once our current project is complete and out the door, we will be able to provide more detailed information on upcoming content and products. We do plan on continuing updating the armies from Second Edition Demonworld, including Orcs, the humans of the Empire, and Goblins, as well as adding some exciting new forces.

FASA Demonworld Miniatures Elf Army Book Kickstarter 15

Letarion Gilfar, Elf Commander

Risks and challenges

All projects carry risk. Learning from our past efforts, we want to minimize the project risks as much as possible. As mentioned above, the Elf Army Book has been written, edited, laid out, and most of the art has been added. All that remains to complete these products is to finish the art and print the books. We’ve worked with these artists and printer before and they are proven professionals.

While there is always the possibility of something unexpected cropping up, we believe that the chance of completion of these books is very high. We will, of course, always try to keep you updated as the process moves along.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

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        Just in diesen Tagen bin ich gerade wieder total von Demonworld angefixt, weil ich an einem pseudo-König Artus-Projekt arbeitr.

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  • Schönes Spiel. Wäre cool wenn das wieder kommt. Aber bitte mit Hex.
    An die Minis kommt man ja noch gut ran

  • Toll, ich bin beim Kickstarter dabei. Günstiger bekommt man die Minis nicht die 3. Edition Regeln reizen mich jedoch nicht.

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