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Eye for an Eye: Brettspiel-Kickstarter

Eye for an Eye, ein Echtzeit-Brettspiel wird per Kickstarter finanziert.

Eye For An Eye KS

Das Projekt:

Eye For An Eye KS2

Eye For An Eye KS3

Eye For An Eye KS4

Eye for an Eye is an innovative, realtime, dice driven game of arena combat. Roll your dice, allocate them to actions on your player board and tribal cards and then call these out in realtime to carry them out on the board. Move cleverly across the arena, dancing around your opponents, build up for a strong attack, or pepper your enemy with quick ones. Play for your Tribe, or team up with another Chief or two, combo-ing your abilities with each other to devastating effect.

Pledge Level:

Pledging for Eye for an Eye contributes money towards not only funding the game, but towards making it better. We will pack the game full with as many high quality components and gameplay features as we can afford. If we hit all our stretch goals in this campaign, you will be getting 12 characters and their associated components, in addition to a series of other upgrades and additions at no extra charge.

Tribal Chief – 90,00 AUD

1x Eye for an Eye game – includes every stretch goal we hit as well as a downloadable soundtrack.

Shipping not included (See ’shipping‘ section for details).


  • Eye for an Eye game
  • Eye for an Eye Soundtrack
  • Unlocked stretch goals

Stretch Goals:

Eye For An Eye KS SG1 Eye For An Eye KS SG2 Eye For An Eye KS SG3

How to Play:

Eye for an Eye is played in realtime to a soundtrack across a number of intense, five minute rounds. There are no turns and players all play simultaneously. Roll your dice, allocate them to actions, call those actions out and resolve them.

Play Every Eye for Themselves or Alliance mode in casual or tournament settings. One round in five minutes, a full tournament in an hour! Eye for an Eye is a game that will have you leaping out of your seat and enthusiastically yelling your character’s moves as you do battle with friends and family.

Below you can watch a short how to play video and a full round of gameplay to help you better understand how to play, what the game has to offer and so you can make a fully informed decision to back Eye for an Eye!

Die Miniaturen:

Eye For An Eye KS9

As you can see in the above image, the figures in Eye for an Eye are quite chunky and beautifully sculpted by Bob Olley. We have produced physical sculpts rather than going with digitally sculpted files because we love the quality and depth of Bob’s work.

The sculpted base is 40mm flat to flat to provide stability during the realtime matches. None of these figures are at any risk of being knocked over.

To avoid the bases warping during the process, we will be producing them in ABS plastic instead of normal PVC like the figures are. This is much more expensive, but ensures that your figures sit flat no matter how fast you play.

Die Charaktere:

Eye For An Eye KS10

Chief Grublic has been around since the very first Sungem Season and has always been a strong and successful leader of his Palaudis Tribe. Chief Grublic does not go anywhere without his Luftle advisor ‘Cobbie’ perched on his shoulder. The two have been inseparable since Grublic banished a rogue group of Palaudis to the Tundra wastes for the mistreatment of Luftles.

Innate Ability – *Watch Out!*
Band I Ability – Leap
Band II Ability – *Shield Bash*
Band III Ability – Thunderstomp

Eye For An Eye KS11

Chief Riparian was originally her Tribe’s healer until the Chief was killed at the beginning of The Drums of War. Due to the way she had looked after her Tribe, nature, as is the way with Hydris, honoured her with the new leadership. Her stalks rallied behind her as she quickly worked her way up the ranks to become one of Hydris’ leading Chiefs by the time the wars ended.

Innate Ability – Healing Mucus
Band I Ability – Slippery
Band II Ability – Lunge
Band III Ability – Hunting Net

Eye For An Eye KS12

Chief Banksia was known by his enemies for his brutality and stubborness. During the Drums of War he would only lead his strongest members into a fight, a decision that would often leave them woefully outnumbered. This was never a problem for Banksia who saw this as a challenge. He is always had a plan that could snatch remarkable victories from the very jaws of defeat.

Innate Ability – Savage Strike
Band I Ability – Camouflage
Band II Ability – Ambush
Band III Ability – Brutal Charge

Eye For An Eye KS13

Chief Incendiary is a modest and honourable leader of the Ignis Occulites. To reduce losses to his stalks, he ensured that his Tribe never fought a battle in vain. During The Drums of War, Incendiary focused most of his attentions on defending the Ignis land borders, which he did successfully for the entire war. He only ever allied with Tribes for honourable purposes and was a key figure in brokering peace amongst the Tribes at the end of the war.

Innate Ability – Steam Blast
Band I Ability – Slow Heat
Band II Ability – Vented Heat Blast
Band III Ability – Sword Dance

Eye For An Eye KS14

Chief Pluma is known for her swift decision making and surgical precision. Sometimes thought of as reckless, her actions were always in the best interest of her beloved Nimbus Tribe. During The Drums of War, she soared high above the battlefield to ascertain troop movements, head off ambushes and if need be, intercept enemies. She is respected by her peers and feared by her enemies – the mark of a true leader in the Nimbus culture.

Innate Ability – Gliding
Band I Ability – Will of the Wind
Band II Ability – Raking Talons
Band III Ability – Dive Bomb

Eye For An Eye KS15

Chief Echo was mentored by Chief Grublic before being encouraged to raise his own army of Luftles and Wymbrix to carve their own place in the Occulite world. During The Drums of War, he was extremely proficient and strategically brilliant, taking in all he had learned from Grublic and those around him and reimagining it in his own unique way – hence his name Chief Echo. Despite the Arena’s original intent being just for Occulites to settle disputes, with the support of Grublic and other allies, he successfully argued that Luftles should be able to settle their own disputes in the Arena.

Innate Ability – Diversion
Band I Ability – Surge
Band II Ability – Protect the Chief!
Band III Ability – Luftle Swarm!


Derzeit steht die Kampagne bei über 10.000 AUD und einen Finanzierungsziel von 52.000 AUD.

Der Kickstarter endet am 24. Mai 2018 15:00 CEST.

Link: Eye for an Eye Kickstarter

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