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Empress Miniatures: Neuheiten

Empress Miniatures präsentieren ihre historischen Neuheiten auf Facebook.

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Our next release is a vanity project of mine and a passion (obssession) Goping back to my youth I used to stare at the pictures of the Jacklex 20mm colonial range especially the mountain gun pack. I could never afford back the 1960’s but always wanted the range.

Well a long tome later I have finally got my wish and produced the 3.75″ mountain gun including the mule team. Now this is not as easy as it sounds as the details of how the gun fits onto the team was lost in the depths of time due to a mistake in printing the manuals by the MOD at the end of WW1.

Well the nice people at the Royal Armoury managed to track down all the details for me (not that nice as I had to pay ) so that I could construc the the team accuratly.

Well here it is in all its glory.

Also released is a mule carried radio set for your communications. Anyone who has seen The Drum (if not why not?) will recognise it. Love this.

More Jazz age to follow in the coming months.



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