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Eden: Neuheiten und Previews

Happy Games Factory zeigen auf Facebook eine Rückkehrer in die Welt von Eden sowie Artworks neuer Kämpfer.

HGF Eden Horde 01 HGF Eden Horde 02 HGF Eden Lycals 01 HGF Eden Lycals 02 HGF Eden Lycals 03

The Horde is back with two new boxes full of savagery!
The Lycals will now be available in a new booster with the Dominant Lycal
A new Horde starter box will also be available, specially designed for wild beasts, it brings together the terrifying Bayakoye, 2 Chitinous Hounds, a black wolf and a mireling

These two boxes will be available on the online shop and our partners from November 7th, and in preview at the Happy Factory Shop on November 3 & 4!

Bei den Modellen handelt es sich um Rereleases.

HGF Eden Immortals Thor Art

Thor joins the ranks of the Immortals!
Armed with his terrible hammer and invested in the power of lightning, he is an exceptional fighter ready to face any threat!

Concept by Bruno Bessadi, colorized by Sébastien Lamirand

HGF Eden Arachnee Art

Unlucky reckless who find themselves in the canvas of Arachnée! This terrible warrior doesn’t usually let his prey live long…

Concept of Bruno Bessadi, colorized by Sébastien Lamirand

Quelle: Happy Games Factory auf Facebook


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