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Durgin Paint Forge: Second Government Preview

Durgin Paint Forge präsentieren neue Second Government Preview Bilder.

Durgin Paint Forge Second Government Preview 01 Durgin Paint Forge Second Government Preview 02 Durgin Paint Forge Second Government Preview 03 Durgin Paint Forge Second Government Preview 04

Today I’m super happy to show you the brand new Second Government characters: the Grimorian, his young apprentice and…Flonzi!
Grimorians are scholars devoted to the study of Magic and travel all around Inneath to find magic deposits and to recover as many magic artifacts of the past. Magic is almost dead, in Inneath, or at least the knowledge of it, and Grimorians are sort of „magic archeologists“.
And what about Flonzi?
Well, many of you asked for elves, and here they are!
Ok, they are not properly the elf kin of Inneath, in fact their origin is still unknown, but the majority of scholars agree to place them inside the so-called „fairy people“.
They are annoying, deformed, grotesque and mischievous creatures, and they seem attracted by magic sources like moths are to light. Exactly this characteristic is the reason why they have not been exterminated yet, despite the misfortune, troubles and mess they love to cause! Generally, Flonzi are nothing more than a infestation: wherever there is even a glimpse of magic, they appear, causing troubles. But, in a certain way, they are really helpful for a Grimorian: if you find Flonzi, you will find magic!


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