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Dungeons & Doggies: Kickstarter Preview

Gedacht sind die hündischen Begleiter von Painting Polygons eigentlich für D&D5, aber andererseits…

Dungeons Doggies KS Prev01

The full lineup it here! Woop! I’m chatting to production next week for any minor casting changes but, after the test casts on the four sample dogs, I’m confident that a set of single piece easy to use models is on the way!

Dungeons Doggies KS Prev02

Here she is! Cerysse, Cleric of the Good Mother is finished. She wears a padded cloak that doubles as a blanket to keep her charges warm and safe, and is never short of a potion or draught to make her friends hale once more. Another Great concept by April which was loads of fun to make. Someone more…aggressive…will be next

Dungeons Doggies KS Prev03
„You lookin‘ at me?“ Hartley the Fighter is ready to stand firm next to his friends, with his favourite toy bunny for aid!
I am really happy with this guy! And I think our next mini is a dog of a more infernal path…
Dungeons Doggies KS Prev04
Meet Tobias, Corgi Warlock (pawlock?)…as a Pact of the Hunt warlock, Tobias can call upon spectral companions to track his prey, and uses his Collar of Binding to command his foes! We are down to the last two doggies now, with a Husky sworn to defend the innocent coming next!
I am travelling around next week so I will do my very best to update- I think it is time we saw some of these doggies‘ stories for the „icon“ dog characters whose stats come in the rules pack. You can, of course, also use the rules to make your own unique canine heroes as well…
And! we should be in a position to launch the models and rules in the next few weeks- still looking like a June launch 👊
Dungeons Doggies KS Prev05 Dungeons Doggies KS Prev06 Dungeons Doggies KS Prev07
Cassandra the Husky Paladin, Flint the Cattle Dog Ranger and Svetlana, Beagle Barbarian have completed the line up!
– All minis sculpted- check!
– Test casting done to confirm production- check!
– Distribution sorted out for global purchases- check!
– Artwork in progress for rules doc- check!
– Rules doc first draft sent to playtest and feedback- check!
So it looks like all the pieces are in place for a launch next month! Yes, we had hoped to be ready to go in June, but the project will now come in July to make sure we can fully support it and everyone who is supporting us. Now that we are closing in, expect to see more detailed info including rules excerpts, a detailed breakdown of the contents and so forth.
We are super excited to be on the verge of releasing our first independent products for our favourite RPG!

Die Miniaturen werden zuerst gedruckt…

Dungeons Doggies KS Prev08 Dungeons Doggies KS Prev09

… und dann gegossen.

Dungeons Doggies KS Prev10 Dungeons Doggies KS Prev11 Dungeons Doggies KS Prev12 Dungeons Doggies KS Prev13

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