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Doctor Who: Sontarans

Die Sontaraner sind gelandet – für Doctor Who Into The Time Vortex von Warlord.

Doctor Who Sontaran

This month is Sontaran month here at Warlord. Not one, but three all-new figure packs based on these iconic characters are now available to order!

These new sets are welcome additions to our ever-growing Doctor Who: Into The Time Vortex range.

First up, from the classic Jon Pertwee era, we have a two-pack based on characters from the classic four-part adventure The Time Warriorwhich opened the final Third Doctor season in style. Notable for being the first story to be set in the past for many years, the introduction of classic companion, journalist Sarah Jane Smith and the very first appearance of a Sontaran.

Linx, a lone Sontaran warrior crash lands on earth and is offered shelter by a local bandit gang, led by robber baron Irongron, who allows Linx time to repair his craft in exchange for weaponry.

Doctor Who Sontaran2Doctor Who Sontaran8 Doctor Who Sontaran9 Doctor Who Sontaran10 Doctor Who Sontaran11 Doctor Who Sontaran12 Doctor Who Sontaran14 Doctor Who Sontaran15

The Time Warrior – 10,00 GBP

Next up we fast forward to the Tenth Doctor era, with two packs based on the Sontarans as they appeared in the two-part story The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky. These new-look Sontarans are dressed head to toe in blue body armour but remain faithful to the original designs. Sontaran general Staal comes with two of his guards, whilst a second release features five armed troopers, allowing you to build an army of these intergalactic warriors.

Doctor Who Sontaran3



Doctor Who Sontaran4Doctor Who Sontaran16 Doctor Who Sontaran17 Doctor Who Sontaran18 Doctor Who Sontaran19 Doctor Who Sontaran20 Doctor Who Sontaran21 Doctor Who Sontaran22 Doctor Who Sontaran23

Sontaran General Staal – 13,00 GBP

Doctor Who Sontaran6 Doctor Who Sontaran5 Doctor Who Sontaran7Doctor Who Sontaran24 Doctor Who Sontaran25 Doctor Who Sontaran26 Doctor Who Sontaran27 Doctor Who Sontaran28 Doctor Who Sontaran29 Doctor Who Sontaran30 Doctor Who Sontaran31

Sontaran Squad – 22,00 GBP

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