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DGS Games: Weitere Freeblades Previews

DGS feuert weiter Previews zu Freeblades auf Facebook raus. Zeit für eine weitere Zusammenfassung der letzten Bilder.

DGSGames Freeblade Nightwisper

Running across rooftops and haunting narrow alleys, no Traazorite is safe from the Nightwhisper. Many a Traazorite noble, merchant, and officer have met their end from a well placed arrow released from an unseen Nightwhisper…

DGSGames Freeblade Manhunter

Young rebels with a penchant for archery have to prove themselves before they are given the powerful Roondar. Given enough kills, however, they will eventually graduate to the better weapon and more protected targets. Manhunters begin looking to earn their Roondar on February 24th…

DGSGames Freeblade Throatseeker

Recruited from the crowded cities, Throatseekers are agile and cunning, especially in urban environments. The Eclipse harness these skills in the crowded urban centers of Traazor to bring down politicians, merchants, and officers. Look around corners and down narrow alleys for the Throatseeker on February 24th.

DGSGames Freeblade Untamed

Accused of some crime against Runah or the Empire, Untamed have escaped captivity and joined the Eclipse. Their need for vengeance is barely containable, and they make a great asset for their cell’s Nemesis. Untamed escape on February 24th.

DGSGames Freeblade RebelMaiden

The Eclipse actively recruit from across the Empire, bringing in young women from every corner of the oppressed lands. Rebel Maidens are new recruits, eager to join in the resistance and win their independence by the edge of the sword. Rebel Maidens join the rebellion February 24th.

Quelle: DGS Games auf Facebook


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