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Deep Cut Studio: Neue Matte

Deep Cut Studio haben eine neue limitierte Sci-Fi Matte in ihrem Shop.

Deep Cut Studio Neue Matte 01 Deep Cut Studio Neue Matte 02 Deep Cut Studio Neue Matte 03 Deep Cut Studio Neue Matte 04

Game mat for cosmic miniature games. Features:
– Strictly limited edition to 50 copies only
– 3×3 feet in size
– Manufactured on deluxe mousepad material with a 2mm thick rubber foam backing
– The paint are soaked into the material and will never scratch or fade off
– Non slippery backing to keep the mat on the table
– Instant mat flatness and smooth gaming surface
– Soft rubber foam allows to pick the cards easy and roll the dice without a sound
– Comes with a storage bag with a zipper
– Extra dimensions and image quality control
– Each mat is labeled with small hologram sticker with unique serial number
– Copyright ESA / Hubble

NGC602 is a beautiful young star cluster in the outskirts of Small Magelanic Cloud, located around 200 thousand light years away. 200 light years in size, this formation looks like it is about to be swallowed by a giant cosmic beast. Scientist like to study it while searching for answers about early star formation. Just recently discovered younglings are ‘only’ around 1 million year old.

Preis: 44,90 EUR


Quelle: Deep Cut Studio


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