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Crooked Dice: KS Update

Crooked Dice ist fleissig dabei ihren letzten Kickstarter zu erfüllen und zeigt die Cover der Bücher.

Crooked Dice Ks Cover Crooked Dice Ks Cover2 Crooked Dice Ks Cover3

KS Update & Cover Preview

Apologies for the radio silence, but lots of activity going on here with some long days and late nights – but rest assured we are all on schedule!

All the lead!!!

I’ve nearly crippled the poor couriers with the weight of deliveries from the casters over the last couple of weeks. Griffin and MDP are pulling out all the stops and have already delivered twelve sets of lead and resin.

Everything received so far has been bagged and ready for picking… if the weight of it doesn’t create a sinkhole in Crooked Towers…

However, that does mean that if your pledge only contained miniatures, and they have been delivered from the caster, then I will be shipping your order! That’s only about 20 pledges so far, but keep an eye on your post boxes. And as new packs come in, I’ll continue with this approach.

All the rules!!!

Dice, tokens and blast/turn templates are being delivered next week. The Macguffin is already cast and we have made up 500 sets of plot point tokens!

Some finishing touches to make to the rule books and box artwork this week with photos and proofing nearly complete. The printer is all ready and I am negotiating a speedy turnaround in January.

So with the print and lead all being delivered in the next few weeks, fulfilment throughout February and March looks bang on schedule.


One change from that advertised is that the vehicle combat rules will now be in a separate 24 page rulebook – the Stuntman’s Guide. I looked to try and squeeze that content into one of the other guides, but it really wasn’t working, and practically it just works much better on it’s own. So you get a whole new book instead!

Link: Crooked Dice FB

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