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Creature Caster: King of Ruin

Creature Caster haben ein neues Monster in ihrem Shop.

Creature Caster King Of Ruin 01 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 02 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 03 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 04 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 05 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 06 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 07 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 08 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 09 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 10 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 11 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 12 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 13 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 14 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 15 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 16 Creature Caster King Of Ruin 17

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The King of Ruin lumbers onto the battlefield, his weight shaking the ground. The most massive model ever produced by Creature Caster, his superbly detailed presence cannot be ignored!

The demonic Kings are the most powerful representatives of their factions. The Kings of Ruin represent all things that have fallen into decay, disgrace and despair. Trapped in an cycle of despondency, they share a common belief: all of life is futile and meaninglessness. The only truth is suffering, and the acceptance of this is both peace, and release. They find camaraderie in their misery, and a strange satisfaction when visiting pain and horror unto others.

Like all the demons of Ruin, the Kings are filled with a terrible hunger that can never be appeased. Armed with rusted slabs of metal formed into brutal weapons, they have long embraced their own suffering and misery, finding in it an unholy and unnatural strength. Their bodies are bloated by feasting on both flesh and souls, and they are wracked with diseases which both consume and bolster them. Every King of Ruin is covered in armour and trinkets that become broken and spoiled merely by being in contact with their flesh. Their insides are invaded with parasitic worms that are simultaneously companions and bio weapons. The King of Ruin is truly one of the foulest demons ever to walk the multiverse.

The King of Ruin is hand cast in pure, unfilled, resin. He comes with a custom 100mm round base and has a height of 14.3cm from bottom of his scenic base to top of his back spikes. Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.

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Quelle: Creature Caster


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