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Brigade Models: 10mm Research Base

Klein aber fein: eine Forschungsbasis für 10mm SF/Near Future Spiele.

Brigade 10mm Research Base

Research Base – 10mm – Resin

Our growing range of 10mm SF buildings is expanded today with the addition of three new models. These are from our Research Base set of buildings that already feature in both 15mm and 6mm. They depict a style similar to an Antarctic station, hence the bright orange colour scheme on these !

We’ll have stock at SELWG next weekend – and this is as good a time as any to remind you that any preorders really need to be with us by the end of this weekend (the 14th) so that we have time to get them ready for the show.

B10-501 – Accomodation Block – £2.50
B10-503 – Small Garage Block – £2.50
B10-504 – Storage Hut – £1.25

Link: Brigade Models

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