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Bad Squiddo: Women of Feudal Japan KS

Bad Squiddo wird den kleinen Kickstarter zum Thema „Frauen des Feudalen Japan“  bald starten.

Bad Squiddo Japan Women Ks Bad Squiddo Japan Women Ks2

Bad Squiddo Games – Women of Feudal Japan Kickstarter

Ninjas, you want Ninjas? Coming in our Kickstarter launching THIS WEDNESDAY with the catchy title „Onna-bugeisha and the Women of Fedual Japan“

It’s gonna be short and sweet so DON’T BLINK or you’ll miss it. I see you – no blinking! No…. blinking!

Utterly stunning miniatures sculpted by our fantastic gem Daniel Smith and painted by the also fantastical gem Paul Cubbin.

Sculpts in this range all by Daniel Smith who has previously created our existing Onna-bugeisha, as well as a little cameo from Alan Marsh (it would be wrong to do a project without him!)

„I’m here to eat noodles and kick ass… and I’m nearly outta noodles“

Just four days to go until the Onna-bugeisha & Women of Feudal Japan Kickstarter launches… are you ready? It will be a short one and just run until 4th November so keep your eye out!


Quelle: Bad Squiddo Games bei Facebook

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