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Armoured Digital: Kickstarter läuft

Word Forge Games sind mit einem neuen Spiel bei Kickstarter unterwegs.

What you get?

 WFG Word Forge Games Armoured Digital 2 WFG Word Forge Games Armoured Digital 3

Plus exclusive to Kickstarter: 

  • All backers at the Digipath level or above will get two Kickstarter exclusive Commander cards and two exclusive orders cards.
  • All backers at the Digipath level or above who is also on our mailing list will receive an additional two exclusive cards. Sign up HERE

Not Your Average Wargame!

Armoured Digital is a miniatures-based skirmish game where each player controls a army of drone tanks. It features:

  • Resin 15mm scale Miniatures
  • Quick to learn and intuitive rules system
  • Card-based Gameplay (all the rules are easy to find)
  • Incredibly flexible force building system
  • Very quick set-up and play. Programmed orders
  • The ability to build new units during the game

Game Designer Chris Reynolds talks Armoured Digital with Aushammer (starts at 45:00)

How to Play:

To play Armoured Digital you need to know 3 things:

  • The Turn Sequence – tomorrow!

in Armoured Digital each player starts the turn by choosing a set of ‚Order Programs‘ (represented by cards).  Players alternate selecting an order, choosing which of their drone tanks to send it to, and then carrying out the actions. Each orders card is made to the same equivalent ‘power level’. Some cards allow you to take on some risk for more reward, like with the Redline order (where you gain extra movement but risk overheating your engines).

WFG Word Forge Games Armoured Digital 4

At other times, you might trade off one bonus for a penalty elsewhere, like with the rapid fire and precision fire orders.

WFG Word Forge Games Armoured Digital 5

Having all the details of each order on the cards makes the game easy to learn, but deciding which orders to use, in which order, on which drone, and with which target, is a skill that takes time to master. This gives players endless different strategies to work with, each equally valid.

The Tanks

Each unit within Armoured Digital has its own unique role on the battlefield, with strengths and weaknesses to match.

Command units like the Centaur, are the nerve centre for your force. The main game box includes the Centaur forward command and reconnaissance vehicle, a fast and flexible unit.

WFG Word Forge Games Armoured Digital 6

Combat units are your main tools to defeat the enemy. They are powerful and dangerous, but they are also disposable. The main game box includes three different combat tanks: the well-armoured and long-ranged Rhino, the fast and deadly Wolf and the hard-hitting Elephant.

WFG Word Forge Games Armoured Digital 7

There is a scissors-paper-rock relationship between combat units. Some weapon types will penetrate some defence types very easily, while they have a hard time damaging others. Most units have defensive systems that can protect them from enemy vehicles of their type, so players are encouraged to have diverse lists.

Armoured Digital uses 1/100 (15mm) scale miniatures, cast in resin. Each miniature is cast in as few pieces as possible, meaning that you can just place the turrets into the hulls and start playing. There are also recesses for adding magnets if you would like to. Each miniature is designed to visibly show the stats of the unit, with common sensor, communications, weapons and drive systems that players can recognise.

WFG Word Forge Games Armoured Digital 8

Building new units

Unique to Armoured Digital is the ability to replace your losses during the game. Your mobile factory can spit out any unit, as long as you have a production blueprint for them.

Building new units also gives you a range of new strategic options:

  • Change your toolset. If the enemy is beating you, produce the right tank to hard counter their attackers.
  • Change your tactics. Start with one unit type and then switch to another mid-game.
  • Don’t leave your collection on the shelf. Bring all your minis to the game, and rotate them onto the battlefield as you need them.
  • Bad matchups don’t last. If you’ve arrived at a tourney and have all the wrong units, just select the best production specs from your collection and start fixing the situation.
  • Control the resources. If your enemy is building too many, you can take control of the mine, destroy their transports or even their factory!

The Factions

There are six factions in Armoured Digital, most of them modelled on historic warrior societies. However, the corruption of data throughout the war has left any sense of our true history in tatters. The Digipaths are as likely to believe that comic-book versions of history are just as real as what we know today.

The Hoplites believe that only the strong have the fortitude to rule the broken world. Digipaths are the strongest of all, and any human who is not a Digipath is useful only for slave labour and as breeding stock. They hunt down and plunder resources to allow them to finally finish the war against the AI.

The Templars believe that the strong should protect the weak. They are ever seeking to protect humans from AI and from the depredations of other Digipaths. However, humans are wary of all Digipaths and are not particularly grateful to be saved by them.

The Skald believe that the war was the best thing to happen to humanity, and that we improve as a species because of chaos. They seek to provoke others into fighting in order to strengthen human genetics.

The Bastion seek knowledge above all else. They scour the globe looking for reliable, uncorrupted data on science and technology that they can bring back to their remote fortress cities. They are constantly tinkering and experimenting with their equipment.

The Bushi believe in the power of the individual to overcome all odds. They are isolationist, where they live in barracks and train incessantly. However, when provoked they are relentless in pursuing and exterminating their enemies.

The Nomads are the remnants of populations from devastated zones: areas where life isn’t welcome due to damage from the war or from the sudden disappearance of technology when the AI attacked. Unique amongst the factions, in Nomad tribes the Digipaths and normal humans live and work side by side.

Stretch Goals

We have started this KS with a low target, but now the project  has met target and now it is gaining momentum you can expect a lot of freebie (as well as purchasable add-on) stretch goals.

WFG Word Forge Games Armoured Digital 9 WFG Word Forge Games Armoured Digital 10


If you want any of the addons shown, please just add the £ amount shown to your pledge total. We will capture your specific selection when you complete the Pledge Manager once KS is complete.

WFG Word Forge Games Armoured Digital 11 WFG Word Forge Games Armoured Digital 12

Die Kampagne läuft noch 19 Tage und ist bereits finanziert.

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  • Ein interessantes Projekt mit einem mal etwas anderen Regelansatz. Erinnert mich etwas an Supreme Commander in klein mit der Möglichkeit, Panzer auf dem Schlachfeld nachzubauen.

    Schade, dass die Panzer etwas comichaft überhöht gestaltet sind, da gefällt mir nicht so recht.

  • Wäre wohl eher was, für ein Computer-Spiel. Die Panzer sind sehr einfach gehalten, um nicht „detailarm“ zu sagen. Sieht mir nicht sehr kaufenswert aus …

  • Für ein Tabletop finde ich die Miniaturenauswahl ziemlich gering und die Minis auch etwas klobig.
    Als Hexfeldspiel, bei dem es nicht so auf Optik ankommt, hätte ich das Spiel gefundet. Dann hätte man letztlich auch gleich out-of-the-box loslegen können.

  • Ich finde sowohl die Minis als auch die Idee ziemlich cool. Das „klobige“ Design erinnert angenehm an verschiedene Echtzeitklassiker der Ms-DOS Zeit. Mir gefällt es.

    • +1 und ich habe das Projekt gebacked, weil es frischen Wind ins TT bringt vor allem mit den RTS Mechaniken 🙂

  • Ein Panzerspiel da würde ich nicht Nein sagen aber lieber nochmal alles überlegen. Mir würde es ja auch gefallen wenn die Fraktionen Sensha-dō-Schulen wären.

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