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Aristeia!: Gata Pirate Skin

Ein weiterer Aristo erhält von Corvus Belli ein zusätzliches Skin.

Aristeia PirateGata 01

New skin: ‘Pirate’ Gata

An article by Carlos “Koni” Morales

Cátia Aparecida Saraiba, also known throughout the whole Human Sphere as Gata, is undoubtedly an Aristeia! superstar and probably one of the more beloved Aristos in the entire Aristeia community.

Aristeia PirateGata 02

Cheerful, charismatic, friendly, as she is agile and fast; Gata shows it every time she jumps to the HexaDome and becomes the most implacable scorer of the greatest sports show in the Human Sphere.

Thanks to her popularity, she was the most likely to become the next character in Aristeia! to receive a new skin after Maximus, Parvati and hEXx3r. Several outfits were proposed for the young garota of Acontecimento, from a ‚Rockabilly‘ theme, an outfit based on a ‚rollerball‘ skater, to the skin that we present to you today: ‚Pirate‘ Gata.

Aristeia PirateGata 03

As you can see, the skin continues to convey the vivacious vibes and consummate joy that Gata always shows off: cheerful with striking colors, her characteristic pose, and even a tiny barrel with an adorable kitten! It’s a skin that draws lots of attention.

When Kenny Ruiz, designer of this alternative version of Gata, was asked why he chose to dress her as a pirate and not something else, he replied:

“Is there something cooler than a pirate?

Gata is the point thief of Aristeia! She steals the game from right under your nose. She’s elusive, mocking, and mischievous… If you think about a historical icon that represents those virtues, you inevitably will think about a pirate, who scoffed at the imperial armies while taking their booty.“

Aristeia PirateGata 04

As Kenny states, dressing Gata as a Pirate perfectly matches Gata’s playstyle in the HexaDome. Very suitable!

‘Pirate’ Gata is a high-quality skin, made entirely of metal. It will be available in stores at the end of October. Don’t miss it!

Infinity ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy-In erhältlich.

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  • Dieses Katzenpiratendesign gefällt mir sehr gut. Die erste Aristeia Miniatur, die mir vom Artwork her gefällt.

  • Das ist eine interessante Entwicklung…obwohl die Kunststoff Minis des Basis Aristeias gemessen am Material und Boardgamestandard nicht schlecht sind war grade die Katzenmaske von Gata der eine Schwachpunkt an den Minis (zu wenig ausgeprägt und in den Konturen verwaschen).
    (Die Limites Ed. mit den Metallminis ist aber immer noch eher teuer). Wenn dieses Modell jetzt eine einzelne Metallmini bekommt (und sei es nur als Skin) dann könnte ich echt schwach werden. *seufz*

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