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World Of Twilight: Weitere Salute Previews

Die Salute 2018 nähert sich und auf Facebook gibt es weitere Previews für Anyaral: The World Of Twilight.

Anyaral The World Of Twilight Salute 2018 Previews 1

Salute Preview #7:
It feels like the yartain have been around for a long time, but this is the first time the full Yartain family will be on general release!
Mark’s characterful adult sculpts were really popular last year so I pestered him to extend the family
The group can play very nicely with Tak Sirahn in a Dhogu force, as random antagonists for a scenario, or even as a small force in their own right. Full rules for the Yartain can be found in the new Compiled Traveller 2 (which will also be available at Salute).

Anyaral The World Of Twilight Salute 2018 Previews 2
Salute Preview #8:
In a week’s time we’ll hopefully be enjoying a nice relaxed pint having got everything set up at salute… that’s quite a scary thought!
So I’d better hurry up with all the previews! Tonight I’m introducing a new variety of trebarnii for your kedashi queens to command. These little fellas (and lasses) make up for their small stature by being incredibly noisy (much like my youngest daughter…)!
They are often seen ‘riding’ the abrok into battle (when I say riding, it’s a very loose description – they are generally just clinging on for survival while the abrok stampede). Fred is planning to bring his little force along to salute, so you can try them out if you would like to have a go at stealing some akitiin eggs in the participation game…
I’ve got a small number of prerelease sets of howlers ready for salute, along with a handful of abrok left over from last year. If you miss out, they’ll get a full release later in the year along with the rest of the kedashi…
Playtest rules scrolls will be available as well!
Anyaral The World Of Twilight Salute 2018 Previews 3
Salute Preview #9:
It is less than a week to go until Salute!
So it is finally time to give the Riverboat a proper preview. This little vessel is typical of those often seen travelling the river between Daugon and Gar Loren, carrying goods back and forth. I think John has done a fantastic job bringing it to life with a mix of traditional and digital sculpting and it is great to finally have a copy in my hands
I will have a very small number of these next week, fresh from the caster. I’m looking forward to sculpting some crew and maybe even some watery hazards for it to face, but those will have to wait until the full release later in the year!
Also, don’t forget to send me your Painting Challenge entries if you would like to be in the early draw next Saturday!

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  • Ein richtig schönes Universum scheint mir dieses Twilight zu sein… richtig schön eigen und strange… ich mag es. Saftige Preise aber.

    • Nur bei den Großen sind die Preise hoch, die Starterdeals sind recht günstig.
      Blick auf die Shop Seite oder die beiden alten KS Seiten lohnt sich

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