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Anyaral: The World Of Twilight Salute Previews

Es gibt einige Salute Previews für Anyaral The World Of Twilight auf Facebook.

Anyaral The World Of Twilight Salute Previews 01

Salute Previews #1
I have a lot of stuff to preview over the next few days! Some of it you may have seen before, some will be completely new…
I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve been working on the Kedashi and there will be a big release at some point this year. I’ll have a few copies of upcoming models at Salute, along with playtest rules so you can try them out and hopefully give me feedback!
These two have been waiting on the sidelines for a while:
The Kiterak is one of the most ancient of the kedashi Queen. She has descended from the nesttrees to oversee the defence of her territories. She will come with a playtest scroll with rules for a few of the kedashi models.
The seldoath was a fun creature to sculpt although I’ve recently had a change of heart regarding her rules! She was going to randomly drop out of the trees, but will now probably now join the Howlers as a bit of heavy support. I’m hoping to transition her to metal, but for the moment you can get her cast in lovely high quality resin.
I’ll add these and a bunch of other salute preorders to the website this weekend.
Watch this space for more previews though – I think there might be something gribbly creeping out of the forests later…

Anyaral The World Of Twilight Salute Previews 02

Salute Preview #2:
This preview takes a break from the kedashi (more coming soon…) and ventures back to the more civilised realm of the Empire.
These musicians and plants were released during the Kickstarter, but I wanted to show off Joe’s awesome painting and give them a proper release

Anyaral The World Of Twilight Salute Previews 03

Salute Preview #3:
Returning back to the forests for a second Kedashi preview…
The Akitiin are a true terror of the forests, emerging from their nests and dragging trespassers to their DOOM!*
This was a great fun model to sculpt and Joe has brought it to gribbly life

The Akitiin is a master quality cast and comes with a 60mm laser cut wooden base. It’ll also come with a playtest scroll so you can test it out in your kedashi swarm, or play a multiplayer game of egg hunting!

* Apparently they also have tasty eggs, if this year’s Salute game is anything to go by!
** Although you will need to provide your own eggs…

Anyaral The World Of Twilight Salute Previews 04

Salute Preview #4:
Today, I’ve got two new beasties to share!
The ill-tempered Vorall* is eventually going to be converted into a traveller juice bar, but I thought I would start off sculpting him as a wild creature. He doesn’t have any rules yet and doesn’t even belong to a specific culture, but I really should write a suitable scenario and I expect he will find his way into some force or other eventually… Feel free to suggest ideas!
The Martram are used as packbeasts by some Dhogu clans, so eventually this beautiful lady will gain a rider and baggage, but for the moment she can wander unburdened through the setir mountains. Joe takes full credit for the colour scheme on this one! I love how she’s turned out
These will both be available in two week’s time at Salute!

* For those of you who are wondering how he manages to eat with those tusks? Younger kopa use their tusks to hack into garkrid mounds and can catch the tiny garkrid with long sticky tongues, but eventually the tusks grow so big that old dominant kopa rely on their mates and jenta to feed them.

Anyaral The World Of Twilight Salute Previews 05

Salute Preview #5:
This Salute I wanted to do a new starter force for the Kedashi that will balance against the other starters. This is likely to change again before it gets a formal release, but for the moment the Queen’s Guard will give a good introductory Kedashi force!
This also give’s me the opportunity to formally introduce the young queen. Even the young queens are older than the oldest fubarnii. They have long since lost their ability to fly, but will travel through the forests when necessary, choosing bodyguards who can protect them. She is available as part of the starter force, or she will also be available as a separate model for £8.
The queen, trebarnii, frenu and swarms in this starter are metal casts, but the kaopi are resin. I will also have resin frenu and swarms available on the day.

Anyaral The World Of Twilight Salute Previews 06

Salute Preview #6:
Today I am afraid I must present the fearsome and terrifying Vareen. These horrific creatures prowl the northern Empire, feasting on those unfortunate enough to cross their path!
These will of course be available at Salute


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