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Anvil Industry: Weitere Daughters of the Burning Rose Previews

Im April bringen Anvil Industry einen neuen Kickstarter, der die Daughters of the Burning Rose finanzieren soll.

Burning Rose Kickstarter

Launch Date April 12th!

On 12th April we will be launching a Kickstarter to fund the creation of the Daughters of the Burning Rose, an entire new army of gothic medieval warrior women!

The range is heavily inspired by historical armour and weaponry. Models will cover a range of fantasy, steampunk and gothic sci-fi styles, so you can use them in all kinds of game systems and settings.

We are using Kickstarter because we have exciting ideas for a huge range of different infantry, character and larger models, and we need your support to help make them a reality.

The Models

The models will be 28mm heroic scale, designed to closely match similar plastic models from existing manufacturers.

Rank and file infantry will be modular and fully poseable with a range of options.

All models will be made in hand cast resin, manufactured in our London studios using the same high-quality methods we have been perfecting since 2011.

We will be offering around 8-10 different models to start with, but have many more at various stages in the design process which we can unlock if we get enough funding.

Anvil Industry Daughters Of The Burning Rose Preview 1

The Pledge levels

There will not be any “early bird” pledges/special offers, so you won’t miss out if you are not able to join us for the launch.

You will be able to pledge any amount of money, and choose exactly the models from the collection you need to suit your game system, making a great saving against the retail price.

Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends, and you will be able to change and add to your pledge on the pledge manager website.

We will have pledge levels at £1, £40, £100 and £250, which will give you access to a number of exclusive models and freebies depending on how much support we get.

Anvil Industry Daughters Of The Burning Rose Preview 2

Auf Facebook gibt es noch weitere Previews zu sehen:

Anvil Industry Daughters Of The Burning Rose Preview 3Anvil Industry Daughters Of The Burning Rose Preview 4Anvil Industry Daughters Of The Burning Rose Preview 5

Our Daughters of the Burning Rose will include a number of specialists. Here is concept art from Thomas for the standard bearer, sniper and mage!
Coming to Kickstarter next month!

Anvil Industry Daughters Of The Burning Rose Preview 6
The crusade draws near! Concept art for an Assault Knight with Cyhound!

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