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Anvil Industry: Ratten

Anvil Industry haben ihrem Shop einige Ratten hinzugefügt, wahlweise mit und ohne Sprengstoff.

Anvil Bomb Rats 01 Anvil Bomb Rats 02 Anvil Bomb Rats 03 Anvil Bomb Rats 04jpg

Set of 4 highly detailed rats carrying a selection of explosives, perfect for getting into those hard to reach places!

The sprue also has a hand with a detonator that fits with our command arms as well as being compatible with Regiments scale miniatures.

Each rat is approx 13.5mm long, 8mm wide and 10mm high.

Bomb Rats (4) – 4,00 GBP

Anvil Ratswarm 01 Anvil Ratswarm 02 Anvil Ratswarm 03 Anvil Ratswarm 04 Anvil Ratswarm 05 Anvil Ratswarm 06 Anvil Ratswarm 07

A selection of uniquely posed rats for scenic bases, dioramas and terrain.

Each rate is approximately 9mm long and 4.5mm wide and 5mm high.

Rat Swarm – 4,00 GBP

Quelle: Anvil Industry


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