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Anvil Industry: Bad Santa 2018

Anvil Industry haben irgendwie andere Vorstellungen vom Weihnachtsmann als der Otto-Normal-Bürger.

AnvilIndustry BadSanta2018 01 AnvilIndustry BadSanta2018 02 AnvilIndustry BadSanta2018 03 AnvilIndustry BadSanta2018 04 AnvilIndustry BadSanta2018 05 AnvilIndustry BadSanta2018 06 AnvilIndustry BadSanta2018 07 AnvilIndustry BadSanta2018 08

He’s slaved away for hundreds of years, making beautiful gifts in a frozen wasteland all year and giving them away for free to children who take him for granted…

But did anyone ever give Santa a present? NO!  he’s lucky if he gets a stale mince pie and a mouldy carrot for Rudolph. It’s payback time! 

This Christmas Santa’s gone bad. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, you get grenades.

This product contains:

  • One Bad Santa with M249 Machine gun and explosive-packed teddy bear. (normal human scale, approx 31mm to eye level)
  • Elf with Desert Eagle and Molotov. (Approx 21mm to eye level)
  • Elf tipping out a bag of grenades
  • Chimney
  • Wrapped gift
  • Bag of weapons and beer, which should not be mixed
  • 2 x 40mm base

The team at Anvil Industry would like to apologise for ruining Christmas.

Bad Santa 2018 – Special Edition – 15,00 GBP

Naja, immerhin entschuldigen sie sich dafür…

Quelle: Anvil Industry


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