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AntiMatter: Shadow Sea Grace Flynn – Tides of Forever

Das Spiel Grace Flynn – Tides of Forever basierend auf den ShadowSea Regeln von AntiMatter Games ist ab sofort als PDF verfügbar.

AntiMatter Games Shadow Sea Grace Flynn Tides Of Forever 1 AntiMatter Games Shadow Sea Grace Flynn Tides Of Forever 2 AntiMatter Games Shadow Sea Grace Flynn Tides Of Forever 3

Our new „Grace Flynn – Tides of Forever“ tabletop game is now available in the AntiMatter Games webstore. This adventure game uses the ShadowSea rules and follows Grace Flynn and her stalwart crew in their quest to reclaim their wrecked ship and escape a lost underground world. The campaign adventure has multiple battles with vicious enemies and is designed for solo and co-op play, with AI rules for enemies and bosses and character advancement between battles. The book comes complete with all rules, character and enemy descriptions, printable markers, rulers and counters needed to play the game. All you need is to lay down some scenery or a game mat and you can get started.

The book comes in PDF format for $6.99 and can be purchased from our website here: http://antimatter-games.com/?p=5843

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