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Alpha-Tauri: Sci-fi-Tabletop Terrain Kickstarter

Aplpha-Tauri ist ein SF-Gelände Kickstarter, der sich klar an Freunde der Tau richtet.

Alpha Tauri KS LOGO

Das Projekt:

Our new Alpha-Tauri wargaminig terrain fits to all of your favorite 28mm – 30mm tabletop and miniature games.

All buildings are hand-casted and are made of high quality resin.

With our set you can build a very impressive sience-fiction wargame scenery or a nice diorama to present your miniatures in a showcase.

The miniatures that are shown in our pictures are from Wargame Exclusive. They allowed us to use their miniatures for size comparison.

The miniatures of wargame exclusive are also made of high quality resin.

Now, take a look at our fantastic new Alpha-Tauri buildings.

Alpha Tauri KS Alpha Tauri KS2 Alpha Tauri KS3

Taygeta Defense-Line Starter-Set

Alpha Tauri KS5 Alpha Tauri KS4

Elnath Landing-Pad

Alpha Tauri KS6 Alpha Tauri KS7 Alpha Tauri KS8

Atria Bunker

Alpha Tauri KS9 Alpha Tauri KS10

Cebalrai Artillery-Bunker

Alpha Tauri KS11 Alpha Tauri KS12

Aldebaran Bunker

Alpha Tauri KS13 Alpha Tauri KS14 Alpha Tauri KS15

Taygeta Defense-Line Advanced-Set

Alpha Tauri KS16

Pleione Shield Reactor

Alpha Tauri KS17 Alpha Tauri KS18

Menkar Watch- & Communication Tower

You can style our sets individually with our disks.

After the Kickstarter campaign ends and we send you the form, please select the number of the disk of your choice:

Alpha Tauri KS19 Alpha Tauri KS20

And last but not least…

A Picture of our Atria Bunker, painted by one of our team members who paints the whole Set for the exclusive painted warmaster set.

More pictures come soon on our update page. Also some pictures from another team member who paints the set for himself.

Alpha Tauri KS21

The following applies to all perks:

All buildings are made from high quality resin.

All buildings will be supplied as unassembled, unpainted and unbased kits, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

All sets are safely shipped in boxes covered with bubble wrap.

All sets will be shipped from germany with Deutsche Post/DHL tracked.

The shipment starts November 2018. Depending on the number of bakers, we do our best to send all sets in November 2018.

Pledge Level:

Taygeta Defense-Line Starter-Set – 30,00 EUR

Elnath Landing-Pad – 39,00 EUR

Atria Bunker – 45,00 EUR

Cebalrai Artillery-Bunker – 47,00 EUR

Aldebaran Command Bunker – 49,00 EUR

Taygeta Defense-Line Advanced-Set – 69,00 EUR

Pleione Shield-Reactor – 75,00 EUR

Menkar Watch- & Communication Tower – 119,00 EUR

Defense Set – 160,00 EUR

Defense Set consists of:

Taygeta Defence-Line Advanced-Set
Atria Bunker
Cebalrai Artillery-Bunker

Airwing Commanding Set – 195,00 EUR

Airwing Commanding Set consists of:

2x Elnath Landing-Pad
1x Menkar Watch- & Communication Tower

Commanding Set – 235,00 EUR

Commanding Set consists of:

Aldebaran Command Bunker
Menkar Watch- & Communication Tower
Taygeta Defense-Line Advanced-Set

Warlord Set – 440,00 EUR

Warlord Set consists of:

Elnath Landing-Pad
Atria Bunker
Cebalrai Artillery-Bunker
Aldebaran Command Bunker
Taygeta Defense-Line Advanced-Set
Pleione Shield-Reactor
Menkar Watch- & Communication Tower

additional you will receive 2x outside corner for the Taygeta Defence Line


Finanzierung: derzeit unter 1.000 EUR bei einem Ziel von 4.000 EUR

Backer: unter 10

Ende: 7. Oktober 2018 16:00 CEST

Link: Alpha Tauri SF Gelände KS

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