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AK-Interactive: April Neuheiten

AK-Interactive haben ihr Sortiment im April ordentlich aufgestockt.


Tanker has become one of the best reference in military vehicles scale modelling. Our famous modeller Kristof is the man behind this publication. He constantly leads us into the world of modelling military vehicles, not only to show the best techniques and step by step guides, but also historical facts. With each issue Tanker increases the followers. This issue is focused in variants and rarities so we can see from a converted civil truck to rare versions and curiosities.

Please take a brief look to what Tanker has to offer.
English, Spanish, Hungarian. 88 pages.



Third installment of the Extreme Reality series.
Realism is usually the goal that we, as modellers, always want to achieve. Techniques, innovation, history, and imagination to make a piece of art from plastic or resin. It be comes challenging as we have to bear in mind the many details we must add, but these small details are the key to give our model its realistic appearance. This books shows how this realism can be achieved in scale modelling. Follow these talented artists through a journey from a model to real life. Divided in step by step articles showing you well known techniques or specific techniques only used on a single model. Extreme Reality is a book of masterpieces and it is mean for all of us who enjoy and love this great hobby, helping you to build your models but also offering the possibility to tell a history.

Extreme Reality ISSUE 03 – 23,95 Euro

AK244 PhotoetchedParts7

Photoetch have always been a difficult task for many modellers. It doesn’t matter which modelling branch you choose, possibly you want to boost your modelling to a next level of detailing. The talented artists from the AK Learning Series and the expert Adam Wilder drives you on a journey through the secrets and techniques used for working with photeoetched parts.
Don’t miss the oportunity to know how this pieces are made or how many uses can be given to this material. It will be much easier, after reading this book, to work with photoech and even do our frst steps in soldering.

English, Spanish. 88 pages

PHOTOETCHED PARTS. Learning Series 07 – 9,95 Euro

AK8046 CorkSheet

Cork Sheets

AK8046 INCLUDES 2 SHEETS FINE GRAINED 200x300x1mm -3,50 Euro
AK8047 INCLUDES 2 SHEETS FINE GRAINED 200x300x2mm – 3,95 Euro
AK8048 INCLUDES 2 SHEETS FINE GRAINED 200x300x3mm – 4,80 Euro
AK8049 INCLUDES 3 SHEETS FINE GRAINED 200x300x1-2-3mm – 3,75 Euro
AK8052 INCLUDES 1 SHEETS FINE GRAINED 200x290x6mm – 4,95 Euro
AK8053 INCLUDES 2 SHEETS COARSE GRAINED 200x300x2mm – 4,50 Euro
AK8054 INCLUDES 2 SHEETS COARSE GRAINED 200x300x3mm – 4,60 Euro
AK8055 INCLUDES 1 SHEETS COARSE GRAINED 200x290x6mm – 4,50 Euro

AK DZ021

Hight quality resin girl figure for complement your dioramas and vignettes in 1/24 scale. 2 heads included for personalize your figure. 1/24 scale.
*Pay Phone not included

On the phone – 15,00 Euro

AK DZ020

Hight quality resin accessory for complement your dioramas and vignettes in 1/24 scale. Absolutely original and detailed newspaper machine and pay phone with fine production and high quality decals.
1/24 scale.

Newspaper machine & Pay phone – 27,00 Euro

AK DZ017 AK DZ018 AK DZ019

Hight quality resin accessory for complement your dioramas or for built alone as a sole piece. Absolutely original and detailed two different newspapers machines with high quality decals and fine production.
Newspapers included. 1/24 scale

Newspaper machine SET 1-3 –  je 30,00 Euro

AK903 T Shirt

Spring Special edition with striking colors of the classic AK shirt interactive.
Simple and elegant.

AK T-SHIRT BLUE – 15,00 Euro

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