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A Song of Ice and Fire: Starter Box Previews

Ein Kickstarter-Update zeigt den Inhalt der Starterboxen von „A Song of Ice and Fire“ von CoolMiniorNot.

Bannermen! A picture heavy update for you this week, as we have some additional images of the Starter Box and just how it’s all put together.

Not much else to say about that so let’s just get right onto it:

CMON ASOIAF StarterPreview 01 CMON ASOIAF StarterPreview 02

This is the contents as we’ve repackaged them inside the box, not as they’ll come NIB (as they would be plastic-wrapped and such). Note that there is a place for everything and everything has its place!

CMON ASOIAF StarterPreview 03

Moving the rulebook and Tactics Board aside you can see the first tray of miniatures as well as the top of the holder for the cards, dice, and trays.

CMON ASOIAF StarterPreview 04

Here is a shot of the first tray of miniatures, which holds the majority of the Stark models. Of course, you can always pick up a third-party army transport case if you don’t wish to sort everything back once you’re done, but the option is here. All the trays come with plastic toppers as well.

CMON ASOIAF StarterPreview 05

Once the Stark Tray is removed we have two more trays with a sleeve over them, which also shows you instructions on how to re-assemble and stack everything, as well as an image of where everything goes.

CMON ASOIAF StarterPreview 06 CMON ASOIAF StarterPreview 07 CMON ASOIAF StarterPreview 08

Slide that slip off and you’ll find two trays of Lannister models. Each of the toppers for these trays also has slots for holding the various tokens for the game as well. There are individual slots as well as some „trench“ wells if (like us) you jut want to layer all the tokens along them- but if you’re the kind that wants to sort them all out into individual areas then that option is there as well.

CMON ASOIAF StarterPreview 09 CMON ASOIAF StarterPreview 10

Moving on, we have a triple-stacked set of trays that hold the cards, dice, movement trays, and some additional models at the very bottom.

On top, the Unit Cards position on top of the mini-sized Objective cards, which feature their own slot. Next you have an area for the trays (with the single Small Solo Tray for Grey Wind kept under the Cavalry Tray, also in its own slot). Finally, at the very bottom you have one more tray that holds the Stark Outriders and the Stark bannermen for their various units.

CMON ASOIAF StarterPreview 11

And finally all the cardboard terrain and measuring sticks can be kept at the very bottom of the box, underneath everything.

That’s it for this week’s update, bannermen. We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the Starter Box!

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  • Sieht ja schon echt hochwertig aus. Bin gespannt ob das Spiel selbst die Erwartungen erfüllen kann und was die Box hier kosten wird.

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