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A Song of Ice and Fire: Neuheiten

Cool Mini or Not zeigen neue Previews für ASoIaF.

CMoN Cool Mini A Song Of Ice And Fire Neuheiten 3

The Lannisters spare no expense when it comes to outfitting their troops. And when it comes to a unit as special as their mounted knights, cost is never an issue. The Knights of Casterly Rock have literally the best equipment and training that money can buy. And they are worth every penny on the battlefield as they cut their way through enemy ranks. The Lannister Knights of Casterly Rock Unit Box brings a fast, hard-hitting, and durable unit to the battlefield. They are especially deadly on the charge, with their weapons gaining Critical Blow and Sundering. Enemies will also quickly become disheartened fighting them, being forced to make Panic Tests whenever the Knights survive a round of combat.

Wars are fought with money, and the ability to arm troops with the finest steel and equip them with armor to keep them alive and hacking at the enemy goes a long way over the course of a battle. The Lannister Guards are not the fastest, or even the strongest in the war. But what they have is an incredible level of defense, giving them the ability to wear their opponents down. Wars are won by those with the will to continue fighting, and someone receiving a huge paycheck to keep fighting is a rather motivated soldier.

When it comes to training soldiers, Crossbowmen require a lot less work than average. The real cost comes in the production of the crossbow itself. Technological advances aren’t cheap. Keeping weapons in working order during war is no easy task. Still, a family with resources like the Lannisters can afford to keep this ranged killing machine armed and ready for battle. The Lannister Crossbowmen are deadeye soldiers that take advantage of the technology available to a family of means. At close or long range, their bolts can pierce even the thickest armor.

For the Lannisters, the War of the Five Kings is a defensive campaign. They hold the reins of power, and they are going to do everything in their power to keep them. With deep coffers and individuals of extreme skill and cunning, the chances of dethroning them are slim. If they have anything to say about it, their line will be seated on the Iron Throne for the foreseeable future. These new releases will be hitting store shelves on September 28, giving Lannister Commanders all the tools necessary to maintain power.

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The Starks are known to be dependable, resilient, and above all, loyal. This goes double for their leaders. Each one under the Direwolf banner is an expert in some part of military engagement. Rodrik Cassel and Howland Reed can lead individual units on specialized roles. Brynden Tully and Eddard Stark are at home controlling the overall force with tactics and strategy. And the presence of Bran Stark and his companion Hodor and the direwolf Summer, instills courage in the troops. All of the characters in the Stark Heroes 1 box will come in handy in the war for the fate of Westeros.

Some units can be judged on their military skills or strength, but in war, when another army is advancing, loyalty is a much more valuable asset. The Sworn Swords are the bedrock of the strategies of the Stark commanders. They are brave and capable to be sure, but their loyalty to the Direwolf banner can never be questioned. To a man, they would rather perish in battle than leave one of their brothers behind. These warriors have waited in the frozen North too long, dreaming of battle. Now is their time to march to war.

In battle, if you can attack your enemy and they cannot retaliate, that goes a long way to victory. For House Stark, that means employing skilled bowmen in their ranks. They have trained relentlessly in their everyday lives as trappers, rangers, and hunters. Now, they form up and send out steel-tipped death to the foes of the Direwolf. The Stark Bowmen Unit Box provides a long-range option for Stark commanders. Though very lightly armored and not equipped for melee, they more than make up for it with their ability to put volley fire at enemies. They can even ignore line of sight requirements, arcing their arrows high into the air to strike at hidden targets.

The great Houses of Westeros have strong friendships that they rely upon. These bonds could be quite strong, reinforced by marriage. When House Stark sent out its ravens to call their Bannermen, House Tully was quick to lend their arms to the cause. In battle, the Sworn Shields would lock their shields together, side-by-side, creating a nearly impenetrable wall, on which even cavalry charges could be halted. The Tully Sworn Shields unit box gives House Stark players a bulwark on the battlefield. Sworn Shields can utilize their Shieldwall order to negate hits to their front facing, dulling an enemy charge or subsequent attacks against them. Meanwhile, their trusty longswords will show that this unit isn’t entirely defensive in nature.

The forces of House Stark are all examples of the overall House’s ideals of strength, integrity, and honor. They fight bravely, and almost never falter on the field. Their leaders are strong and know that the cause they fight for is just. Woe to those that stand against the Dire Wolf in battle.

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Alchemists have created numerous different potions and concoctions, but none have had such an impact on the battlefield as the one simply known as “the substance.” It is a sticky, green liquid that is highly volatile, having to be transported with the utmost care, lest the entire batch go up in flame. And flame is just what “the substance” produces. Such a conflagration it creates has been dubbed Wildfire. When “the substance” is placed into glass orbs and hurled at the enemy, it can quickly turn the tide of battle, the orbs breaking and a conflagration quickly ensues. What good is plate armor or toughened leather against flame? The Pyromancers Unit Box contains 12 pyromancers ready to take their new weapon to the enemy. Wildfire doesn’t allow for Defense Saves versus it, as it burns with a seemingly unquenchable flame. Truly a horrific way to die.

The Mountain’s Men aren’t so worried about the science that goes into creating new weapons of war. Give them something to hit the enemy with and that’s good enough for them. Drawn from the lowest dregs of society, they represent the lows that the Lannisters will stoop to in order to gain an advantage. In combat, the Mountain’s Men will take no prisoners and will gladly cut down anyone that tries to run. Every fight with the Mountain’s Men is a fight to the death, as surrender is not in their vocabulary. The Mountain’s Men Unit Box has 12 rough and rugged men. And their strength with their greatswords is almost legendary, possibly inflicting two Hits with each swing.

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The Umber Greataxes are a very flexible unit on the field. While they don’t overly-excel at any one role, they can easily shift between several different roles as the battle dictates. They have a moderate melee attack ability and have decent armor. They can plug gaps in battle lines, stand against enemy forces, or be sent on rescue missions to hold objectives in equal measure. The Umber Greataxes Unit Box contains 12 miniatures that any Stark commander would find useful when battle is met.

The Umber Berserkers, however, do have a specialized role out on the battlefield. Smart commanders will aim them at the closest enemy unit and simply watch the carnage unfold. To say that these men are hungry for battle is an understatement. They’re starving for it. And when they meet the enemy lines, they feast with reckless abandon. They work themselves into such a frenzy that even the death of their comrades in no way shakes their determination. In fact, they almost cherish it, fighting even harder. “More for me” is the attitude they take. And when they hit, they hit hard, causing enemy armor to crack and break under the strain of their blows. The Umber Berserkers Unit Box contains 12 regular soldiers and one Umber Champion Unit Attachment, and they’re ready to get their blades wet with enemy blood.

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