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4Ground: Camp Town Previews

4Ground zeigt auf Facebook Vorschaubilder einer kommenden Wild West Zeltstadt.

4Ground CampTownBlacksmith Prev01 4Ground CampTownBlacksmith Prev02 4Ground CampTownBlacksmith Prev03 4Ground CampTownBlacksmith Prev04 4Ground CampTownBlacksmith Prev05 4Ground CampTownBlacksmith Prev06 4Ground CampTownBlacksmith Prev07 4Ground CampTownBlacksmith Prev08 4Ground CampTownBlacksmith Prev09

This kit is an adition to the Dead Man’s Hand range, the camp town blacksmith will be available from Great Escape Games as part of a special project they are working on. This kit even comes with the „tent“ material.

As part of our ongoing Dead Man’s Hand range you will see other additions to the camp town in the next few months.

4Ground CampTownShop Prev01 4Ground CampTownShop Prev02 4Ground CampTownShop Prev03 4Ground CampTownShop Prev04 4Ground CampTownShop Prev05 4Ground CampTownShop Prev06

Hi All
Here’s a quick look at our new Dead Man’s Hand camp town kit that will be coming out from us at the end of the month
Hope you all like

Quelle: 4Ground auf Facebook


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