Zombicide: Green Horde Previews

Cool Mini or Not haben zuletzt wieder mehrere Previews zu Green Horde veröffentlicht.

CMoN Green Horde Preview 1

Rolf used to patrol the borders of the Orcish land as an Orc hunter, dispatching of any of them stupid enough to cross into human territory. When the plague hit, he saw many of his fellow hunters fall, but Rolf managed to escape with his life. Now he’s filled with a rage and need to avenge the lives of his friends. Bad news for any zombie who crosses his path.

CMoN Green Horde Preview 2

Megan was born into a family of thieves, but magic was always her calling. She spent her youth devouring every book she could on the subject. Once the plague hit, Megan relied on the two skills that came to her naturally, magic and stealth. It’s kept her alive so far.

CMoN Green Horde Preview 3

Berin thought any foe was worth facing…for a price. That was, until he ran across the Green Horde. It ravaged his party, and Berin barely escaped with his life.

CMoN Green Horde Preview 4

Seli can’t remember much about her past. She was found unconscious on a pile of bodies with no idea how she got there. Luckily, her amnesia hasn’t affected her ability to fight the Green Horde.

CMoN Green Horde Preview 5

Johannes is a man of science, but when the plague hit, he was forced to flee leaving all of his inventions behind. However, he’s still a resourceful guy to have in your party. He can turn almost anything into a weapon.

CMoN Green Horde Preview 8

Asim’s true nature is as a businessman, selling goods to people from around the world. But when the zombies attacked he took up arms and joined the other Survivors to battle for his life.

CMoN Green Horde Preview 9

The Necromancers are up to no good in Zombicide: Green Horde. They’ve infected their own kind with the plague and now they’re using them as their own personal army. The Survivors will have to stop them in their tracks.

CMoN Green Horde Preview 6

The Orc Fatties were the enforcers before the plague hit. They used their huge size and strength to send a message whenever needed. The infection robbed them of their senses, but none of their muscles.

CMoN Green Horde Preview 7

Not much is know about the origins of the Orc Abominations. They are the definition of true power and any Survivors that runs across them better have a good plan of attack, and a great escape route if needed.

CMoN Green Horde Preview 10

The Orc Walkers have twice the strength of a normal zombie and they’ll give the Survivors everything they can handle when the two sides clash!

CMoN Green Horde Preview 11

The Goblin Runners in Zombicide: Green Horde aren’t just fast, they appear in greater numbers. Oh, and did we mention they’re stronger than the average Runner? They’re going to give the Survivors everything they can handle when Zombicide: Green Horde comes to Kickstarter on May 30.

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