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Wreck and Ruin: Kickstarter läuft

Der Kampf um das Post-Apokalyptische Ödland hat begonnen, mit dem Kickstarter zu Wreck and Ruin von DreamBigGames.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 1

Wreck and Ruin is a 2-4 player vehicle miniature combat game using elements of area control, resource management and a generous helping of vehicular violence, taking around 20 minutes per player. Create your own modular board from the selection of double-sided tiles, producing a new battlefield with every game. Play as one of the factions and drive your convoy out into the Wastes in search of fortune and glory.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 2

Occupy salvage tokens and successfully survive the next player’s turn to score points and collect salvage. Played over 4-6 rounds, the player who collects the most salvage tokens by the end wins!

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 3

The game is very quick to set up and tear down, meaning you can spend all your time gaming – that is what you’re here for, right? With player guides and a quick setup guide, the game can be played right out the box. The rules are relatively simple, but with enough depth to reveal many different strategies to win – you’ll be ramming and wrecking your way across the wasteland in no time! The unique damage-recording flame pegs ensure that you always know your tactical situation, as well as the other players – no more peering over the table to look at tableaus or damage tracks. Fast, frantic, highly cinematic vehicle violence for those who want a skirmish game without the time, cost, and space required!

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 4 DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 5

Here’s the game set up for when I attended UKGE this year, where the game was very well received! I demo’d around the UK this year, and will be doing so again in 2018.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 6

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 7

The world we know has long since disappeared, reduced to ash and dust. Mankind has dwindled into near-extinction: our cities and our achievements buried beneath the sands of time. The face of our planet has been forever changed –  the barren, inhospitable environment that remains is known as the Wastes.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 8

4 factions have emerged to claim our lost technology, buried within the crumbling ruins of now ancient derelict buildings: discovered salvage can be traded, used, even weaponised. They roam the wasteland in heavily armed and armoured convoys seeking out these salvage sites to continue their existence, but inevitably there are disputes…

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 9

Can you collect more salvage than your opponents? Will you leave a trail of destruction in your wake, or be left as a burning wreck out in the Wastes? Only one way to find out, so let’s buckle up and get ready to Wreck and Ruin…

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 10

Choosing a faction gives you access to their unique faction abilities, but which suits your play style?

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 11

The Salvoes, which is short for salvagers, are people who eke out an existence from the barren wasteland. A tough existence has taught them how to survive the harshest conditions and outlast their enemies. Their abilities help them to stay in the fight longer and gather more resources to outplay their enemies.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 12

Reapers live only to sow death and destruction. They are violent and aggressive, and follow only the most powerful warriors. Their vehicles are adorned with the trophies of the their previous kills, a testament to their fighting prowess. Their abilities favour aggressive players, from hijacking vehicles to striking fear into the enemy ranks.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 13

Choosing to lead a simpler existence following mankind’s fall from grace, the Desertkin thrive in the wasteland. They have formed a symbiotic bond with some of its inhabitants, hulking creatures which have evolved to survive their habitat. Their abilities allow them to use the wasteland and its creatures against the enemy.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 14

Ruin is the only city that is known to exist – the army is tasked with protecting its inhabitants from threats and collecting valuable supplies to keep its people fed and its technology working. Ruin was built around an old military installation so they have access to the most advanced technology to perform their duties. Their abilities use advanced training and tech they can call upon to aid their cause.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 15

More reviews to come, but for now here is a little taster. You can read any of the reviews in full on their websites, or on the Wreck and Ruin BGG page.

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DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 16 DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 17

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 18

These miniatures are made of plastic and are designed at 15mm scale to fit within the 30mm hexes – scouts are the smallest at 26mm, leading up to the hulking big rig at over 60mm long!

Vehicles have a number of stats which show how far they can move, how many dice they roll when attacking, and how difficult they are to damage. Which vehicle will you use to execute your plan?

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 19

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 20

Each vehicle has its owns strengths and special skills, but with only limited resources, not every vehicle can be used every turn. Will you use your agile scouts to speed across the wasteland seizing objectives? Or will you move up your big rig to soak up enemy fire and dispense wasteland justice to those who dare come in range? Each turn you will have to decide how to split your precious actions between occupying empty sites and wrecking your enemies to prevent them from scoring.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 21

I’ve tried to keep my funding goal low by having only one style of minis shown above in different colours for each faction, but here’s what I hope to unlock with enough funding to give each faction its own identity! They’ll replace the minis in the box – how much cooler would it look with all these rampaging through the Wastes? Faction stretch goals will be revealed if we can get enough backers. Here’s the alternate faction sculpts I hope to unlock:

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 22 DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 23 DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 24

Each of the alternate sculpts contains the same number of vehicles – 2 scouts, a buggy, a wrecker, and a big rig. Do you have a favourite already?

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 25

  • Create a map using the board tiles, with a setup area for each player. 4 salvage site tokens are placed on the central tile. Each player selects a faction, sets their vehicles up within their setup area, and draws one of their 4 faction powers at random.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 00

  • Played over 4-6 rounds dependant on time and number of players, the object of the game is to clear out more salvage sites than your opponents.
  • Players have 5 action points per turn which they can use to activate their vehicles: move a vehicle onto a site to occupy it. Attack enemies at range. Ramming a vehicle can cause major damage – the bigger the size difference the more damage is inflicted! Ramming also has the advantage of being able to push enemies back, meaning you can push an enemy off a site and occupy it yourself at the same time!

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 26

  • Occupied tokens are flipped to their green side at the start of the next player’s turn, and if it remains green at the end of the turn it is removed and awarded to the occupying player, which counts as a victory point. New tokens are then placed elsewhere on the map so there are always 4 to play for.
  • Damage is recorded by inserting an orange peg into the target. It will run as normal until the last peg is inserted – a black peg which shows it is wrecked! It will then crash and burn: it loses control and the flaming wreck can crash into other vehicles causing a chain reaction of destruction!

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 27

  • An event is drawn at the beginning of each round – it will affect each player in turn and poses different challenges: drawing slippery surface means opponents can turn vehicles to face another direction, or having engine trouble makes it difficult for a target vehicle to complete actions.

 DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 28

SPOILER ALERT! The event deck

  • Salvage cards are gained by collecting salvage sites – these cards are all unique and allow you to bend or break a rule in the game. Did I mention they were free to use? Play to boost your own vehicles, or on an opponent’s turn to mess their plans up.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 29

The salvage deck

  • Your faction card is the most powerful card you will have – it can only be used once so you must decide the right time! The Ruin Army can summon an unmanned drone to fight for them whereas the Reapers can try and hijack an enemy vehicle – having the right card at the right time can turn the tide of battle in your favour.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 30

Faction cards – one off powerful attacks and buffs!

If You’d like to learn more about how the game plays, look at the rulebook here.

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 31

I’m using Gamesquest with their proven excellent track record to handle fulfilment, meaning I can offer EU and US/Canadian friendly shipping to you lovely people! Shipping will be charged after the campaign has ended and may change but are likely to be:

  • UK £7
  • EU £14
  • US/CANADA £15
The game is quite heavy hence the price, however backing now including shipping will still be cheaper than buying it post-campaign. Now is your chance to get a bargain! You will receive the game before anyone else – you guys are my number 1 priority before it becomes more readily available.
DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 32

I have different sculpts for each of the faction’s vehicles but I need your help to fund them – let’s work together to improve the components and expand the wasteland world for even more replayability.  As you’ve seen above there are some tasty minis hiding in there, so let’s get revealing!

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 33 DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 34 DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 35

Don’t worry, there’s plenty more lined up should we successfully go beyond funding!

DreamBigGames Wreck And Ruin Kickstarter 36

I’m a big believer in the platform, giving little people with big ideas the chance to make something that they love, for the people they love doing it with! It gives me the chance to share something with you that would never exist otherwise. I love being a part of the community, and this game is about community – I want to build something that we all can enjoy and expand upon. 2 years in the making: of playtesting, attending conventions, building up a following, interacting with all you lovely people that make this hobby so great. I plan to continue supporting this game by creating new scenarios, map layouts, new board tiles, but I also can’t wait to see what you come up with too! The wasteland no longer just belongs to me – you are now a wasteland warrior.

As a superbacker, we all get annoyed at the same things we see happening on campaigns – this game will not be sold anywhere else until my backers have games in their eager hands!

Enough chit chat – let’s load up, move out and show our enemies what it means to cross us!


Risks and challenges

This is my first project as a creator, although I have backed quite a few so I know how it works. I’ve invested my own money to have all the artwork and sculpts produced, so all that’s left now is the manufacturing costs. I have lined up my manufacturer and fulfilment partner, Gamesquest, to ensure I am prepared to deliver. I plan to deliver earlier than stated on here, but have allowed some extra time to account for any delays which may come up.
Minor adjustments may have to be made to the sculpts or artwork to ensure I deliver a top quality product.
Kickstarter is a journey that we take on together, so I’m always here to talk to. Nobody likes to be kept in the dark, so no matter what I will always be honest and open with how things are going. So let’s do this thing!

Die Kampagne steht mit 7.006,00 GBP bei gut einem Drittel des Ziels von 22.000,00 GBP und läuft noch 20 Tage.

Quelle: Wreck and Ruin auf Kickstarter


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  • Das Setting gefällt mir auf jeden Fall. Und auch das Regelkonstrukt mit den verschiedenen Kartendecks spricht mich an. Da mache ich mal mit.

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